Welcome to the Brand New Bossip.com…Brought to You by Hennessy

- By Bossip Staff

Good morning Bossip Readers! If you notice something a “little different” with the site today, please be informed that we have officially upgraded from the previous site design that was brought to you back in 2007.

Hennessy is our official sponsor for this launch, and thus makes it possible for you guys to continue to enjoy Bossip straight up…HENNY WITHOUT ANY COKE style!!!

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  • Nena

    HipHopWired Politics?


  • Nena

    By the way, who is the second guy from left on the picture. Hmmmm. *sips tea*

  • Hmmm

    Like anything that changes, the people will get used iy. BUT sort out the bugs!! Everytime I click next the same stories come up?! Annoying. Also I pefered seeing all the comments on one page coz you can only read like 5 comments @ a time. Not feeling that!

  • Hmmm

    Meant to say, the people will get used to it!

  • Jade Silver

    It was better when you could scroll down the comments because that’s what I found entertaining. Sometime you just want to read what people think and say.

    The setup reminds me too much of EOnline! I suppose we’ll get used to it.

  • http://hmlt Too short

    I’m SOOO confused!!!!!!!

  • Nique

    Ay yo, change this sh!!t back!! WTF!!

    Now that Im looking over sh!!t, Im getting mad.

    -2 much white background
    -5 comments on a page???!!!

    This aint “Henny without any Coke”-Somebody watered the Henny down cause y’all aint giving it to us st8!!!

  • http://hmlt Too short

    I wanna know who all the MENZ en nem in the pic

  • brandy


  • Nique

    And then 2 top sh!!!t off, y’all dont even have the gossip posted yet??!

    Stick to what you n!!ggas know-talking sh!!t, starting sh!!t and getting the facts all f*ucked up in the process!


  • Igtsmne

    I don’t like it!! How are you supposed to get to the stories? It’s confusing!!!!


    I also am not pleased…Im going to do my work now….

  • ugggggggghhhh!

    Very confusing, i had so much trouble finding the stories today good, change is not always, am outta here.

  • Shavon89

    what happen to the next button when you get to the end of the page??? i want to see stories from yesterday adn the day before. if i can’t do that i have no reason to come to the website.

  • ninal

    this is some bullsh*t where the hell are the stories . i dont like this i have to find a new site

  • http://bossip.com tasha

    i love it!!!! it looks alot better.

  • Lioness

    the main page is too confusing and not as easy to navigate as the old page

  • Stop Being IGNANT

    Good look.
    Makes you dopes look more official.

  • lisamillz

    U sleepy m/fers know damn well this ish looks good, compared to before.
    Website’s CLEARLY under construction.

  • BuckIT

    Definately diferent than before. I’m sure they’ll polish off some of these initial hiccups with the new layout, but sometimes change is a good thing. I’m feeling it.

  • Queenb2001

    I dont like the comment page. Is this a way i can view the comments all at once?

  • Queenb2001


  • Me Me Me!

    Hated it!!!!!!!!!

  • the pimp Rod

    C’mon son! Thisissomebullshit…

  • Wow...That's The Best U Can Do?

    Hate this new design, it’s making me dizzy.

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