Out and About: Halle and the Fam

- By Bossip Staff

Halle, Nahla and her baby daddy were spotted coming out of the doctor’s office looking casually cute.  More flicks of the happy family under the hood.

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  • Hannibal



    She does NOT look happy with that white boy. It would appear she’s just biding her time.

  • Nekkid Head

    She’s not happy. Once you go white, no mo’ gettin it hit right… Shoulda kept gettin that back BROKE by Wesley Snipes.


    Nah, she would’ve lost another 80% of her hearing in the other ear. Wesley sounds like he subscribes to that Ike Turner ‘rock ’em, sock ’em’ policy.

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    Well, no one can say she didn’t give the brothers a chance. Find love where you can. I don’t go for the “Nordic” look but even I admit that Gabriel is one good looking man!

  • fatima

    They look like they had a disagreement!

  • Ocapkid1 A.k.A Mr Haiti

    They don’t look happy together… the problem is he’s nobody and she overshadows him, that must be killing his ego!

  • KeepNit2Real

    quite frankly, I think Halle got some issues. She won’t be happy no matter who she is with until she sees a shrink for that problem called “manic depression”


    Halle’s BEEN had issues. She thought going white would fix it.

  • The Best I Ever Had

    @ awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    @ racist

    Ya’ll do know Halle’s mom is white right? Anyway, does that little girl walk? They always carrying her big a$$ some where. Walk d a m n it!

  • esso

    Please! Look how many BLACK men she gave a chance to. They treated her like C.R.A.P!
    Now you “brothers” are calling HER all kinds of names because she had enough and went elsewhere?

    GROW UP S.U.C.K.E.R.S!

  • manster


    Maybe you need to research some of the comments David Justice said about Halle and their marriage and their issues when he was here in Atlanta. Where there’s smoke, well u know the rest of it! Maybe she has the issues and not all the “brothers” she has been with. As the old saying goes, “Don’t let the fine fool you”. Quite frankly if she is happy, then so am i. I got mine!!

  • Babyj21

    people on here are forgetting she is half black….i think she can date either or…

  • http://yahoo Michelle Clark

    Why come you never see the father holding the baby and he is always walking ahead of Halle. No regard for her or the baby as she is walking down the stairs. Come on! Is that a true gentleman? if you look at the pictures they seem distant

  • The Best I Ever Had

    @ racist

    Tell them how you really feel. Lol, your getting too worked up over this. It’s ok.

    *cyber hugs*

  • The Best I Ever Had

    @ Michelle

    Probably cause he knows her big a$$ need to be walking!

  • L

    @ RACIST ni99a

    You not only sound racist, you sound ignorant as hell…but they are synonymous arent they?

  • tina

    @ L

    Hold on now, that may be to big of a word for Mr. Big Head up there.

  • esso

    @ manster

    Research? er… no, I don’t think so – thanks all the same. Because from what you seem to be implying, she was at fault and NOT ONE of the men she has been with?
    hmmm…I see.

    So the next time a woman gets abused, cheated on, and made deaf in one ear, lets blame her and her “issues” lest we make any brothers look bad.


  • L

    Halle has stated that she does not appreciate the paps consistently flashing cameras in her daughter’s face. She has stated that she understands it comes with her stardom but some discretion should be used with her kid and I happen to agree. This might explain why she is always holding her baby to sheild her from these over zealous people. These people are probably very happy with one another yet not happy with everyone else wanting to be all in their business 24/7.

    As for her choice of man…he’s fine, intelligent, and he appears to love her so what’s the damn problem. If he’s God fearing…she has all she needs so I wouldnt care if he were purple. To hell with all who have a problem with it. If her parents felt the way you’ll do…she wouldnt exist since she too is a product of an interracial relationship.

    GROW UP and EXPAND your MINDS people PLEASE!!!!

  • http://msn mzdiva

    @ racist

    what are u smoken

  • G-men

    she not black so wtf!

  • dia

    she doesnt like the papparazzo.. i wouldnt either, thye stake out at your house until you leave, damn leave her alone

  • Bishop

    Halle has made this man seem like joke by kissing on other dudes at awards shows right in front of him disrespecting him, wouldn’t you be walking ahead of her if she did that. If anything Halle is not acting like a lady. I’m sure he’s wising up to Halle’s “want her cake and eat too behavior”…

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