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Kat De Luna Works with Akon Lossip

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    Oh my….

  • african_4_eva



    4_neva!!! 🙂

  • african_4_eva


  • african_4_eva




  • bree

    i was wondering why so many songs from the album the carter 3 were coming up when i was looking for a milli on limewire..i’m glad i haven’t completely lost my mind

  • raven

    Kim K licks Reggie’s “taint” when he wakes up every morning?

    Why does she just become a p0rn star already?

  • raven

    doesn’t* she…

  • Fee

    ugh! so talented….but so damn ugly

  • Southern Belle 225

    Um, so what……

  • SMDH

    “Kim K licks Reggie’s “taint” when he wakes up every morning?

    Why does she just become a p0rn star already?”

    She already is a p0rn star.. What is she known for besides sucking, fukking and taking off her clothes?? That’s pretty much all p0rn stars are known for…

    And to think, this is what the black male loves about her..

    Oh well, I guess what they say it true – one mans trash is another mans treasure.. Lord knows she’ll never get a decent man of another nationality – not after being seen on tape gurgling black nuts…

  • Aunt Viv

    I just vomited in my mouth. Yuck. Off to Duane Reade I go…

  • Still Got It

    don’t show me sh-t like this.

    if someone wants to make a buffoon of themselves, why do you need to help them?

  • raven


    She should know by now that she’d make loads more money if she sucked pink balls…

  • Ms. Bee

    It is obvious that some of you cannot read. Kim K did not make the comment “lick Reggie’s taint.” These are words of editor for the website Flisted. The website Flisted is known for its raunchy comments on celebrities.


    once again just to show whats happens to these young artist,,lilwayne is a hot mess,and just to think our children listen to him and watch the mtv,bet,, with him acting a hot mess and the money his make’s acting a hot mess that’s what they promote for our children,,And then say this is what the Africanamerican acts live..u can tell dont know what to do with his money not use to having that big level

  • innocent bystander

    Wrong Ms. Bee! I guess you can’t read it said and I quote ” Kim replied…..” Now to me that means she said it, not the editor. SORRY


    His is not a postive person for our children to listen to,,and yes i know as a parent that while i am at work my teen’s are watching and listening to him,,I just pray they dont belive this is postive the whites in this business he is just a money maker and dont care that he is acting in not a postive way,,just a nother money making tool

  • WhatsYoursIsMine

    OMG- Get rid of that picture of Wayne! That diamond encrusted plaque is killing me!

  • soulwoman

    Why are we arguing if Kim said this? Jesus Christ


    Because her stans A.K.A. Kim and her “team” are paranoid. Like it’s really something far-fetched from what she would say – or do.

  • Madame Enigma

    Is it necessary that you plaster that face across my screen like that?

  • Sit yo five dolla a*s down before I make change!

    Is that Lil Wayne on Limewire? LOL

  • I Took My Glasses Off (I Did it Then But I'm Not Gonna Do it Now!)

    Everytime I see his Face, I really think that that lean stuff ain’t that cool.

  • I Took My Glasses Off (I Did it Then But I'm Not Gonna Do it Now!)

    Manner of Fact, I’m here layin on my couch, listenin some of dem Carter3 tracks. Sh*t is officially The Bomb, i’m serious! y’all gotta get yours…by any means necessary (if i can say it)lol 🙂

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