Allen “The Answer” Iverson Headed Back to Philly to Try Again…Good Idea or Bad Idea???

- By Bossip Staff

Your boy Allen Iverson is going back to square uno to play for the Philadelphia Sixers again after being unsuccessful with the Pistons, the Nuggets, the Grizzles…SMH.

What do you guys think??? Is Allen Iverson’s return to Philly ‘the answer’ to both A.I.’s and the Sixers’ issues???

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  • KeepNit2Real

    I think the dude should retire in Philly. that’s were he made his career…that’s where he should end it.

    Do ya thing AI!

  • Hannibal


  • http://msn mzdiva

    they might
    now that iverson back
    might go see a game now

  • Darwin

    Good thing. 76ers need all the help they can get anyway. Can’t depend on the Phillies, Eagles, or Fliers, so at least the 76ers have some hope now.

  • This some Shhh....

    ai won’t do nothing for Philly. He should have retired before he left the first time.

  • NitaBonita

    i loved the sixers when snow, AI, mutombo, bell mcKie were all together; they were my favorite team. right now i don’t have a favorite team…it might be the sixers again. i love the heart that drives AI to play. AI made the right move to head back to philly in my opinion.

  • http://bossip tdotsfinest

    YEA definitely a good idea aint like hes dead wait hes better then everyone on the team its a big gain I LOVE YOU A.I hope u find ur game

  • Darwin

    @This Some

    Nobody doing nothing for Philly, AI will bring more to the table than everybody else. LOL

  • Ms. J

    Make that money baby!

  • kendra

    He should have never left!! They were hard on himthen and I believe they will still pick with him now. The majority of PHILLY LUVS ALLEN!!!! WELCOME BACK. I know I’m going to ever game now!!!hahaha…he is the best to me!!!!

  • bubbles

    totally agree with @ this some

    i love ai i really do but when he went to the pistoons i was ummm ok then the nuggets and then the grizzles…really the damn grizzlies.

  • Good 4 Him!

    I’m glad he has a job and a paycheck. I wish he were on a playoff contention team but a job is a job. I really wish he could play with Lebron and them.

  • Do Much

    AI did the best thing that he could have possibly done. I think he would bring fire to the team. No I dont expect them to win a championship (Lakers got the on lock) but he will bring that spark to the team. Im sure as a more mature player and now that he has realized that at any time everything could be took right from under you, he will adjust the attitude and do what he has to do for not only his legacy but also the team. AI HAS THE HEART OF A BIG MAN, DO YA THANG BOI.

  • kdouble

    yeah him and eb will make a great combo

  • This some Shhh....

    @ Darwin

    His hearts not in it anymore. You can tell that before he left Philly. All he did after leaving was blame everyone else. I don’t see him being any different back in Philly.

  • memchee

    the yunguns on the team can learn some things from him.

  • This some Shhh....

    @ bubbles

    The first move to Detroit, I was like aight. Then Denver, OK maybe. Then Memphis, problem child. Then he had Larry Brown talking on his behalf. That’s the only reason he back at Philly. AI got issues.


    You guys cover gossip, politics, fashion, music, and now sports. Way to go! But, yeah, A.I. needs to retire in Philly. This will be a one and done for him.

  • balaramesh

    i love a.i just as much as anyone else. the guy is 5’11 at best and dominated in the nba. you cannot beat that. BUT, he has failed to refine his game from a shoot first mentality. he completely handicaps the development of the team and young players.


    Like Thriller, back from the the dead team !!!

  • GaPeach

    HIS FINE ASS!!!!

    IDK where he goes, as long as I can see him! He’s a great player and Philly is his roots where he can get back to the top, where he belongs.

  • Say it aint so!!!

    BAD…he needs to retire so he can do what he wants to do!!! To old to be a starting PG!!!!!

  • BE

    That picture is LMBAO!

  • BE

    I mean that pic is the craziest I ever seem of AI!

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