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Midsection Of Female Judge Hitting Gavel At Desk In Courtroom

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Hard to believe that there’s anything just about justice when judges like this broad are sitting on the bench.

According to a WAFB report, 23rd Judicial District Court Judge Jessie LeBlanc stepped down from that bench last week after text messages were leaked that showed her calling her ex-lover’s two Black cop friends “thug ni**ers” numerous times. Somehow, *cough whiteness cough* this woman has been given the legal authority to decide the fate of Black men and women.

Oh, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention that LeBlanc sent these texts to Bruce Prejean who is described as a “high-ranking deputy” in the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office. LeBlanc was cheating on her husband with ol’ Brucie boy for EIGHT MUTHAF**KIN’ YEARS!

Here are the transcripts of the three texts:

“At least I was NEVER unfaithful to you with anyone – much less a ni**er”

“I’m sure you are with thug ni**er Erick. He is such a good friend.”

“I can’t wait for the day that he’s called out for what he is. Dirty cop. Thug. Ni**er.”

Again, this is a woman who decided if Black people are imprisoned for alleged crimes.

While many are satisfied with LeBlanc’s resignation, here’s some perspective about a perceived “victory”:

“Are we happy that somebody that used the n-word is no longer having the opportunity to preside over members of our community? Yes. But victory? No, because we shouldn’t still be fighting these issues in 2020,” said Baton Rouge NAACP chapter president, Eugene Collins.

FDB and anybody calling themselves “judge” while secretly hating Black people. A pox on your ashy a$$ robes.


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