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Here is Ashanti performing some of her signature wack ass dance moves for fans at the Virgin Records store in NYC. We hate to post her two days in a row, but she could use the extra press since her album just dropped.

More photos of Ashanti at TRL coming up next…

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  • Re


  • Re

    She looks cute, especially in that dress. Only problem is the toes sticking over the front of the sandals. It’s a severe pet peeve and I wish it would be banned.

  • NEEK

    she looks nice

    & her cd is hot!

  • MS K

    She has some thick ass thighs damn. She look heavier than other pics .Not bad at all. Poor thing no one even cares enough to comment. While on the other hand Mr sm-ursher nose and Maneka has over 500 posts.

  • pm

    She has really stepped up with the vocals, Can’t just be cute no more Cassie messed that up for all the half singing females rnb stars

  • Pomona

    I love those wack dance moves.

  • soulwoman

    “She has really stepped up with the vocals…,”

    Where? When? Because it’s not in her music or live performances.

  • Dana

    I like Ashanti. Nobody hated on her until there was beef betweek 50 and Ja. Ya know ya loved Foolish and Always on Time.

  • Keesha

    She looks good!!! Very refreshed and happy. With that said, I think her music career is over for now. Maybe she needs to take a break for a while and regroup because her new music sounds kinda stale. Let me not mince words, it’s WHACK. I’m sure Nelly can keep her occupied for a while.

  • Lauren

    She does have some big bones inthose legs, and she wears the hell outta those gold gucci heels, but they are FAB! Go Shanti’!

    ps i’m still not buying your album boo…

  • pm

    @ soul woman . She alot better then her ” oh baby days” you got to give her that

  • Bozo D. Clown

    Mmm… Ashanti…

  • jimecap

    Go’s your birthday..we gon party like it’s your birthday.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    DAMN, Ashanti looks good as hell in that outfit. I’m copin’ that outfit for wifey!! 🙂

  • Keesha

    @ camel’s wife

    They are still together. I’ve see recent pictures of them but they’re trying to keep mum. In my opinion going public would only generate buzz for her so she might wanna look into it.

  • TellTheTruth

    Damn her ass is fatter than a swomp possum that got the measles..LMAO..

    Gone Shanti Shake that thang.

  • glok9n


  • brandy

    this album is actually good. way to go ashanti. i dont really care for her singing but the album is a very good album and believe it or not you can listen to everysong… thats pretty impressive theres not to many albums where you can listen to the whole one without skipping a song

  • Jim Dandy

    Spare me. Still fugly. Still untalented.

  • The Bear

    She looks lovely. Nelly is a fortunate cat.

  • Always Classy

    She has def stepped up in the dressing department. All pics I have seen of her recently were really nice. Must have gotten a stylist some other celebs should follow suit. Having a stylist does makes a difference! Im not talking about Tameka either she has no clue.

  • 1TruDiva w/Princess Mykel!

    She’s wearin’ the HELL outta that outfit! I could surely add that to my wardrobe!

  • kevwebb

    She might be whack and all that but in the main photo her crotch is on blast!! Post that joint on crotchy-licious

  • Oh Please

    Too bad no one is going to buy her album. Sorry Ashanti. You’ve tried acting…maybe you’ll have more luck w/that. I think your singing career is just about over.

  • http://deleted Fiyah!!

    she looks cute!!

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