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Policeman points a pistol at a shooting range

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They muthaf***in’ tried it.

BOSSIP previously reported on the shooting death of Quanice Hayes at the hands of Portland police officer Andrew Hearst. Hearst shot Hayes in the head, ribs, and torso with an AR-15 while the 17-year-old was on his knees just a few feet away.

Subsequently, the Hayes family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and the city defended themselves from responsibility by arguing that perhaps Quanice’s MOTHER should have raised him better and then he wouldn’t be dead.

We were apoplectic to read this.

Today, we are the bearers of better news. According to Oregon Live, the city was facing immense criticism for that defense and have now decided to withdraw that particular part of their argument.

Last week, in a joint letter addressed to city council, mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone and city commissioner candidates Carmen Rubio, Loretta Smith and Sam Adams called the city’s defense against a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Hayes’ family “disgusting” and “oppressive.” They said the city’s defense strategy deepens rifts between the city and vulnerable communities it serves.

Senior deputy city attorney William Manlove filed a motion to have the argument blaming Venus Hayes for negligence removed from the record.

These sons of b!tc#es really tried to skirt accountability by blaming a dead child’s mother for their trigger-happy ways.

F**k the police, really and truly. In all ways and all days. F**k ’em.



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