The D-Listers Get No Love

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Claudia Jordan and Omarosa were all smiles as the were spotted outside of Villa Lounge in LA last night after being denied entry.  Better luck next time ladies…

Images via WENN

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  • I'm Just Me


  • Lauren

    2nd…and DAYUM

  • Lauren

    Who’s Claudia Jordan?? And how can they deny someone entry?? LMAO…They should call next time before they go….

  • Lauren

    Who’s Claudia Jordan?? And how can they deny someone entry?? LMAO…They should call next time before they go….

  • Britney

    whatever, Claudia is still bangin.

    google her.

  • Lady Love

    Omarosa is looking a lot like Sheryl Underwood in these photos. IE..Omarosa looks like a Tranny

  • Miss Lady Jordan

    Omarosa is an ugly beast… for claudia jordan….she is GORGEOUS

  • Southern Belle 225

    Yes, who is Claudia Jordan?

    Anyways, Omarosa looks a lot better than she used to. Neither of them are important so no one wants to party with them. Better luck next time!

  • I'm Just Me

    LMAOOO!!!! Who is Claudia???


    Yes O does look like a tranny! SMDH @ this madness.

    You have to be on the list, dammit! Y’all ain’t nobody!

  • I'm Just Me

    Is Omarosa still married???

  • lil latte

    Omarosa doesn’t even look bad,that big purse does not go with that cute dress though,but she looks happy in this picture

  • The Brown Hornet

    Claudia could get into any party that I have, unless she is with Omagrossa.

    Omagrossa: tranny waiting to be found out or wendy williams twin sister

  • casper

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  • InsertDopeWordsHere

    Claudia’s shoes look great with that shirt. I surprised…Omarosa looks decent.

  • juju

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  • Re

    Actually, Claudia Bore-dan and Stinkorosa look pretty decent. Congratulations, they’re one step above D-listers now.

  • Lauren

    I’m Just Me…thanx Boo!! We still didn’t find out who Claudia Jordan is either huh?

  • Southern Belle 225

    @lauren..i love the new pic as well. the color is very nice. Is that red or brown?

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    @ I’m just me: No she’s not maried..they got a divorce a year or so ago. My question is….Does she have a job?

  • http://deleted Fiyah!!

    Claudia Jordan is a “briefcase case” model on “Deal or no Deal” … she is also on the Foxxhole radio show.

  • Sanj86

    lol at lauren (hey boo!)

    “they should call before they come” classic…

  • Trixie

    So Claudia Jordan is currently D Freeney’s jumpoff when he goes to LA, but the truth is that he is still with his longtime girlfriend and this sucka is getting played like dominos. CJ, wake up – he don’t want to wife you up, he is just having fun with you but you ain’t the one he is gonna wife up so stop wasting your time before your old ass eggs dry up.

  • Lauren

    @ Southern Belle, its red….

    @ Sanj…LMAO…Yea that getting denied thing is not a good look, what up gurl?

  • WyzePro

    hey how do I add my pic to my posts?

  • Craak & Smaak

    Damn C Murdah you startin to look yo age you ain’t “fresh” anymore now you look like you been around the block, ridden hard and put away wet. This chick is the ultimate party girl and a club ho. Nobody gonna wife up a 35 year old party girl who is uneducated and sounds like Cranston TRASH.

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