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"Burden" Atlanta Red Carpet Screening

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Earlier this week, Lil Yachty, Drake, and DaBaby teamed up to drop the most entertaining music video of 2020 thus far: “Oprah’s Bank Account.” The vidsual features Yachty dressed up as a female TV host named “Boprah,” who went on to interview both Drake and DaBaby throughout the short film, also gifting the entire studio audience with their own brand new boat in honor of Lil Boat’s famous moniker.

While most fans were over the moon to see such a creative video come from three artist who definitely know how to laugh at themselves, others seemed to have a problem with the execution: especially the fact that Yachty dressed up as a woman. Cue a bunch of Twitter users slamming Lil Yachty for wearing a dress.

“In my opinion you don’t need to wear no dresses or wings to sell,” one person tweeted in response to the video. “you created a lane … how I’m suppose to take this.”

This comment was just one of many, as fans and haters alike claimed the rapper was only rocking a dress in an attempt to sell records and gain relevancy. And of course–unfortunately–others responded with more homophobic takes on the issue.

After one user accused Lil Boat of letting “the black community down” by dressing up as a woman, he responded with a series of photos that highlighted the absurdity of all the criticism he’s been getting.

Yachty also went on to issue a statement to anyone who has a problem with him dressing up for an entertaining music video:

“Bi*** it’s just supposed to be entertaining… it ain’t even that deep,” he tweeted. “All n***as so in denial with y’all masculinity shit like this bother y’all … Relax.”

And there you have it.



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