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BART Train Arrives

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Back in 2018 BOSSIP reported on the hate crime-ish stabbing of Nia Wilson, who was killed, and her sister Malika Harris who survived by man with a classically racist murderer name, John Lee Cowell. Wilson was killed and her sister was stabbed while they were waiting for the train at a BART station in Oakland.

Fortunately, today we have some good news to report. According to The Guardian, John Lee Cowell has been found guilty of murder, attempted murder, and a charge of lying in wait by an Alameda County jury.

Cowell is set to face a second trial to determine his “sanity”. Reports say that if found insane he will be confined to a psychiatric hospital.

We ain’t really trying to hear “insanity”. Neither is Nia and Malika’s family.

Family and friends have said the women were targeted because of their race but prosecutors declined to charge him with a hate crime. That doesn’t mean race did not come up. Cowell admitted at trial that he had been punched in the face by a black woman about a week before the train stabbing and the prosecutor queried him about trying to pick a fight with another black woman after the stabbing.

Despite this, the prosecutor refused to charge Cowell with a hate crime. His lawyer Christina Moore, a PUBLIC DEFENDER, insists that her client is mentally ill and Cowell is playing his part to back her up…

Cowell was thrown out of court twice for disruptive behavior. He testified he thought the sisters were aliens and part of a gang that had kidnapped his grandmother.

Jail then hell. Thank you.

Rest in peace Nia Wilson.



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