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It’s not very surprising that someone who wasn’t equipped to be president in the first place can’t properly handle a national emergency, but in a time of need, this guy is acting even more clueless than usual. America’s Cheeto-In-Chief, Donald Trump, always finds a way to point the finger at former President Barack Obama for things that have nothing to do with him, and that’s no different with the current coronavirus panic.

In a series of tweets early Friday morning, Donald Chump claimed that the CDC “looked at and studied” its “testing system” for years “but did nothing about it.” He also brought Obama in the mix, by saying he made changes that “only complicated things further,” bringing up the H1N1 era. According to Trump, there has been “nothing meaningful done to fix the testing problem” until now, which contradicts the criticism his administration has been receiving over these past few weeks regarding their handling–or lack thereof–of the coronavirus situation.

Before that, he was on the internet to drag “Sleepy Joe Biden” into the mess, saying that he was in charge of the Swine Flu epidemic and calling the response, “one of the worst on record.” Don also claims he has a 78% approval rating…which is a complete lie, as it dropped to 46% just yesterday.

Like many have pointed out, Donald Trump has spent the last couple years slashing the very government agencies that would be responsible for handling the coronavirus outbreak–including getting rid of the pandemic response team, that Barack Obama set up while he was in office.

If you wanna hear the big orange guy spew more lies, he’s holding a news conference at 3:00 PM.


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