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This is some sad stuff right here.

According to NYDailyNews a husband in Queens, New York, Jamie Pualasin, got the gut-wrench shock of a lifetime when he went to meet his wife Blanca Chimborazo after her shift at a local grocery store. Pualasin’s cousin, Vanessa Mendez, told the paper that when he arrived he saw emergency workers on the scene and began to record on his cell phone. As he got closer he saw a familiar hat on the ground. It was covered in blood.

What happened next is the stuff of nightmares. Pualasin ran into the grocery store looking for his wife and she was not there.

“He had a little bit of faith that she was just hurt,” said Mendez, who raced to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center to meet Pualasin. “We went there because it’s the closest hospital, but we had no idea.”

Blanca Chimborazo had been struck by a speeding motorcyclist as she stepped out onto the street leaving her job. But if this story isn’t horrifying enough, there’s this:

“Then they told us yeah, it was her,” Mendez said.

Chimborazo’s daughter Nicole turned 12 on Saturday, the day her mother was killed.

“[Chimborazo] had a surprise party planned for Nicole,” Mendez said. “But once we heard, everything was canceled.”

Killed on her daughter’s birthday. Lord, have mercy.

The motorcyclist has not been charged yet but the NYPD is investigating.



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