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Gauteng Executive Council briefs the media on a comprehensive action plan to curb the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa

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Coronavirus is not here for a short stay.

According to the New York Times, a 100-page document has been submitted to the federal government advising that the global pandemic could last for at least 18 months.

DailyMail got a look at the document, which lives uselessly behind an NYT paywall, and they report that the file urges Trump to invoke the Korean War-era policy, the Defense Production Act, that would force companies to push nationwide priorities to the front to mass-produce the things needed to combat this outbreak like ventilators, protective gear for medical workers, medicines and diagnostic tools such as testing kits. It also warns of the dangers of exhausting local and state resources without federal assistance.

For some reason, likely the economy, Trump is trying his damnedest not to take this seemingly necessary step forward.

Asked Tuesday about invoking the act, Trump said: ‘We’re able to do that if we have to. Right now, we haven’t had to, but it’s certainly ready.

‘We’ll make that decision pretty quickly if we need it. We hope we don’t need it. It’s a big step.’

Half-measures are partly why we are in this cotdamn crisis, to begin with, but we digress. The gold-diggin’ gamblers at Goldman Sachs and money-hungry hedonists at Morgan Stanley suggest that global recession is already underway.

‘We expect the recession to be front-loaded, with a recovery in [the second half of the year],’ said Goldman Sachs’ chief economist in a note to clients.

‘This assumes that infections will slow significantly by the end of April as the lockdowns and other mitigation measures bear fruit.’

“April?!?”, Soulja Boy said…(not really)

The way the U.S. is moving right now there is no way in hell that this thing will be fully under control in less than 6 weeks.

We don’t say this to cause panic, but let’s just be realistic about what is happening. There is a potentially fatal virus floating around and the United States government is woefully ill-equipped from a physical and intellectual level to address it properly.

Until then, wash your nasty a$$ hands, stay in the muthaf***in’ house, and take caution if you have to interact with the elderly or immunocompromised. For the love of Beyonce, Rihanna, Jesus and Jay-Z, please take this seriously.


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