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Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing On Domestic Violence In Professional Sports

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The national reaction to the coronavirus pandemic ranges from scared to confused to angry and the public angst toward government is leading to in-fighting and finger-pointing.

Every day there increase in new diagnoses of COVID-19 and still, there are not enough tests for all who are symptomatic to get checked. That said, almost daily we find out about a new celebrity or athlete who had contracted the virus and the question begs, how are these rich and privileged people getting tests and auntie and ’em can’t?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio asked the same on Twitter.

That critique garnered a response from the National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts via ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

“There’s nothing irresponsible — if you’ve got that information [that you’ve been exposed] — about trying to get the tests,” Roberts told ESPN on Wednesday. “The problem that more of us can’t get the tests — and I’m not apologetic about saying it — in my view, that rests at the foot of the federal government. They were responsible for making sure we were protected in that regard, and I think they failed.

“We shouldn’t be fighting about this now … but once this is done and we get through it, and we will, let’s figure out who screwed up and fix that.”

Both parties have some valid points but the conversation is creating somewhat of an ideological divide

Former NBA player-turned-ESPN-analyst Kendrick Perkins actually agrees with the mayor.

Where do you stand on this issue?


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