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Everlywell, a company that does at-home health tests, has announced the first home testing kit for COVID-19 in the United States. With the coronavirus spreading day after day, the US has been underprepared with limited tests available to even check those who are feeling coronavirus symptoms. When Rudy Gobert tested positive, the rest of the NBA teams in the arena were tested and reportedly used 60 of 80 tests in that particular state. Other states have slowly started opening testing sites, but even the public is conflicted to go for testing out of fears of testing negative but contracting the virus while around others.

According to reports from Complex, a new supply of at-home tests will be ready next week. Everlywell will have their test available from March 23 onwards. Initially, tests could only be conducted at state and local public health labs, with kits provided by the Centers for Disease Control. However, that has since changed, and now that private companies are allowed to create test kits, Everlywell has become the first to do so in the country. The company has previously created similar validated tests for things such as STDs, fertility, and cholesterol levels.

The test is up for order now, but before getting one, you will have to speak to teledocs and see if you qualify for the test. If you do qualify, the test will cost you $135 and will be delivered within 48 hours. To complete the test, buyers will receive a swab that will allow them to take samples from their nose and throat, then mail it back to the lab, who will send results by email and text. The company has noted they have 30,000 tests on hand and hope to up that number to 250k within the next few weeks.


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