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Dr. Angela Reddix

Source: Photo Credit: Angela Reddix / Photo Credit: Angela Reddix

Dr. Angela Reddix has built ARDX, a multimillion-dollar healthcare consulting firm that does business with the federal government. She runs “Envision Lead Grow” a nonprofit that encourages middle school-aged girls to launch their own businesses. And she’s the CEO of her household, raising three children with her husband and business partner.

But Dr. Reddix said as important as it was for her to climb the ladder of success, it was equally as important that she gave back to her community.

Building on her success in the workplace, she’s just released a new e-book, “Envision Lead Grow: Releasing The Boss Within,” which spotlights habits and traits that she utilized to get to the top of her game.

“I think the best gift we can give is being transparent about our story,” Dr.Reddix told BOSSIP. “Once you reach a level of success, create a platform where others can learn. I remember my grandmother saying that she wanted the next generation to be better than she was, and that’s what I want. I didn’t just land in this space, and for me, there’s a greater good for this.”

Here are Dr. Reddix’s top tips for success:

“Consider what makes your heart sing. Some people have been conditioned to believe that they have to deal with the issues of the day, that they’re unable to have the imagination of what we had as children. A lot of times we think of all the why not’s that prevent us from dreaming of possibilities.

“Delve into the details. With social media, people see the end game and not the process. Every success came from a process.

“Determine the people who breathe life into your vision and who suck the life out of your vision. Even in the most challenging relationship, it’s really a mirror to tell you some things about yourself. As an entrepreneur, employer and business leader, (it’s important) not to see relationships as a mistake, but to learn things about myself.”

*This interview was edited for space and clarity.



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