Twitter Is Dragging This Love & Hip-Hop Castmember

#LHHATL: Sierra Vs. Karlie, Bambi vs. LightSkinKeisha, Rasheeda Vs. Her Advice; Who Got DRAGGED The Worst This Week?

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Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta is back and has been an absolute circus for the past two weeks. Last week was an absolute mess with Karlie and Alexis fighting over her ex boo and things getting way out of hand. Now we have a whole new week of chaos and it’s fantastic to watch.

First, there is Sierra and Karlie who are fighting because Sierra is mad Karlie didn’t show up as a witness for her trial. This is despite the fact the part of the trial she had wasn’t really for witnesses. They still got to scrapping over it.

Then there was Bambi and LightskinKeisha who are arguing over messing with taken men. Bambi accused Keisha of messing around with her bae but the internet remembers that Bambi was also running around the hot tub with married and taken men. There’s also Rasheeda trying to give relationship advice. RASHEEDA?!

This is all a glorious mess and Twitter is dragging the hell out of THESE people. Hit the flip…

“Bambi, sis, you don’t like Keisha because she was being a home wrecking groupie all over a taken man?! Girl, forgot you being thirsty in the hot tub with Kirk and Benzino?!?? #LHHATL”

“Sierra Asked Karlie To Be A Witness Of An Assault Case & Then Assault Her One Witness #LHHATL”

“Bambi…. were you big on girl code when you were in the hot tub with Kirk and Benzino? #LHHATL”

“Did Rasheeda just tell Kharlie “I know you was not fighting over this lame a$$ n**** at my party” when she sleep next to one every night #LHHATL”

“Sierra assaults Karlie because she showed up late to her hearing for her assaulting somebody else??? #LHHATL”

“So let me get this straight Sierra asked Karlie to be a witness in an assault case and then assaulted her one witness #LHHATL”

“Who’s going to tell Sierra that that was not the court date for witnesses? That was one of many pretrail hearings. & why didn’t she hire Jocs girl? EyesMan judgeHear-no-evil monkey🤷🏾‍♀️ #LHHATL”

“Sierra you mushing someone on tv when you allegedly assaulted someone & have charges for it? #LHHATL”

“Me whenever Rasheeda give marriage and relationship advice. #LHHATL”

“Uh uh Bambi, wasn’t nothing wrong with City Girls when you were laid up in that hot tub full of married men. Unamused face#LHHATL”

“Someone please explain lip injections/implants for Black people. Thinking face This shit looks HIDEOUS!!! #LHHATL”

“Hmm. Rasheeda is upset that Karlie missed Sierra’s court date, but didn’t she and Kirk miss Scrappy’s custody hearing to film a movie? #LHHATL”

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    “#LHHATL Sierra has charges against her for assaulting someone so she decides to assault someone on camera?”

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