Beyonce's Gorgeous Cousins Go Viral Again

Remember Beyonce’s Banging H-Town “Cousins” Who Set The Internet On Fire? They’re Still Out Here As Fine As Ever

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A few years ago, the above pic hit the internet and sent the ‘net into a tailspin. The picture was of Beyonce and two absolute baddies at her uncle’s funeral. But questions remained: who the hell are these women? We know now that they are Kelsi Leggett and Kristin Douglas. They are apparently Beyonce’s cousins. However, we’re not all exactly sure how they are officially related.

We just know that the pic went bonkers on the internet.

Now, four years later, the pic is resurfacing and the internet is saying they made her look “regular” and “irrelevant.” That’s quite a jump but let’s not ignore that these women are absolute baddies.

So now that they are going viral again, we wanted to take a few peaks into their IGs and see what they are up to.

They are still out here looking as fine as ever and reminding us how they broke the net once before and won’t be afraid to do it again. Hit the flip and see more while learning what they have going on.

She likes to post positive messages of inspiration:

If some situations or even people don’t fit into where you are “growing” , great 👌! That means you are EVOLVING !! I am GRATEFUL
I am LOVE 💕
BTW, I love a bomb Blazer and Jeans 😻

She is a nurse and has been trying to spread the message of properly washing hands and making sure people don’t spread diseases. Salute to her for her role in healing the world.

She is also a model and baby we can see how. Great goodness there is a lot going on here. She is a testament to the badness of Houston women, too. Can’t deny it.

You can sort of see the Beyonce resemblance here but a funhouse mirror version because there’s some serious curve going on. No wonder she went viral and shattered the net so long ago.

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Then there’s the other cousin. Kelsi. Much less is known about what she does for a living and where she spends her days but she is absolutely just as much of a baddie.

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You got it, girl

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She’s also been happily putting her cakes on blast, too. Well. We can’t complain about that. Also, as an aside, doesn’t this make you want to return to beaches one day soon?

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Seriously, how many more baddies are hiding around in this family? Tina got sisters? Cousins? Who else is hiding around the city of Houston? We need to know!


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