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Last night was filled with all kinds of festivities and what not. Kelly Rowland was spotted at MTV’s XBOX party in her new home town, London. Ashanti was showcasing her stubbly armpits at her listening party in NYC while Joy Bryant hit up the Billabong Second Annual Design for Humanity to Benefit Surfrider Foundation. More in store just below.

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  • Southern U !!! I thought you knew

    #1 !!!

  • Southern U !!! I thought you knew

    & #’s 2-10 ……. LOL


    Kelly looks beautiful…

    already tired of Ashanti… Again…

  • Southern U !!! I thought you knew

    Damn, Ashanti is fine !

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    ashanti looks like she has cankles, i hope its the photo or lighting

    as for kelly, does anyone not notice that her and some other female celebs

    are always rocking skin colored stockings, does this make your leg look


  • Meather

    I am just a bit curious…Her profile was found on interracial dating site ‘’ last week. I heard she just broke up with her boyfriend! I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site!

  • Re

    Hmm…because of Ashanti’s pits, I’ll pass on her, Joy always looks cute to me…although the oversized tee reminds me of my attire after my hubby and I have a freak session after work 😉

  • versace

    I don’t understand those stockings that kelly is wearing. Is that from the deron collection because her dc friends always wears that and that looks really tacky and ugly.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    although the oversized tee reminds me of my attire after my hubby and I have a freak session after work



    Gurl you are so right! It is true! You know damn well that’s the clothes you throw on after u done worn it all out!!!


  • cdcdc

    Kelly looks beautiful, I just saw her profile on a famous dating site “tallhub. com”, she is so hot there, what’s she looking for? Just curious!


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  • missladyjordan

    Kelly looks very cute…the stockings are uncalled for and purposeless…other than to make you less attractive what kind of man would want to fantasize about some panty hose on your legs ??

    Yeah ashanti and the pits…clean it up girl!

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  • Lola Am

    I love Ashanti’s dress! Her style has been on point lately! Love her album too. No pit comments 🙂

  • spinner22

    Kelly looks good like she eating healthy lol

    John Legend is just one thick creamy milk chocolate bar yummy yummy lol he so adorable with sweet lips I want to kiss everytime i see

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    LOL, exactly. That’s what I wear when I want to go to the restroom…or fall asleep in cause the overhead fan is too cold.


    Gurl STOP! I do it for the same reasons tooo!!!

    That fan be feeling so good right after, but then u wake up freezing!!!!


    Joy needs to recongize what message her outfit is sending out to folks!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    my comment above was to u

  • MeMe

    Joy always looks like an old dishrag. She can be natural AND look pulled together. They need to title it “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN” swag.

  • *****

    Kelly’s skin is beautiful.

  • Re

    @Envy Me and Smokey

    LOL, I usually go to the restroom (and I risk my annoying father-in-law sulking around the apartment), so I put on a nearby shirt, which usually is hubbys, run to the restroom and run back. I’ll be so worn out I just fall asleep in it. Sadly, my hubby is always hot so the comforter is never in use. I just always gotta by nice sheets, LOL. That overhead fan does feel good right after though 🙂

  • Re

    *buy* spell check

  • jogger

    Yuck, Ashanti has hairy pits, that is a deal breaker for me. I like real hair that is long and smooth shaved legs and pits not weave and hairy pits. This is disgusting.

  • green eye bandit

    o boy

    i guess she forget to put make-up under her arm, her armpits are so dark comparing to her face …yikes!!!


    Ashanti looks so pretty

    Kelly shirt does not look right and it looks like she has on tights

    Joy looks extremely tacky!

  • Rozza

    Ashanti’s pits are looking quite itchy. At least she doesn’t have the “deodorant balls” under her arms. She is regretting that funky picture – should have gotten the pits waxed.

    @Re: you are too funny!

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