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@theestallion Friend I Miss you 🥺🥺

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Did you miss seeing Megan Thee Stallion make hilarious videos with her hairstylist “frennnnnnnnnnn” Jonathan Wright? Well, you’re in luck. Despite the coronavirus quarantine, the two recently reunited on social media much to the delight of fans.

“First of all if I get on Instagram and I see you calling one more b**** ‘freennnnn’, we gone fight! I don’t like that!” said Megan jokingly to Jonathan. “You wanna be errybody got damn friend, you don’t even be worried about your real friends!”

They then bantered back and forth and eventually told each other, “I missed you!”

Megan also joked that Jonathan had the coronavirus because he was continuing to do his “frenn’s” hair instead of social distancing.

Megan: “When you gonna come fly out here?”

Jonathan: “When corona is over!”

Megan: “You got corona! You ain’t been social distancing you been playing in everybody’s hair! All your “frennnns” got corona!”

You can watch their cute reunion below.

Fans have been speculating that the pair who were seemingly thick as thieves had a falling out hence why they stopped hanging out. According to Jonathan however, that’s untrue. “No, we both been griding,” said the hairstylist to a fan who thought they had beef.

Grinding indeed, Jonathan’s been servicing (and SLAYING) his other celeb clients including JT of the City Girls, Sza, Blac Chyna and DJ Duffy.

The last time Jonathan posted Megan on his page was back in November.

Are you glad to see these two frennnnnnns, reunite?



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