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A Washington Church choir is reeling after 45 members contracted coronavirus and 2 died after attending practice. Members of the Skagit Valley Chorale in Mount Vernon, Washington heard about people dying from coronavirus about an hour away in Seattle. They assumed they were safe however and happily attended choir practice on March 6.

Adam Burdick sent out an email saying that amid the “stress and strain of concerns about the virus,” practice would proceed as scheduled, a move that would surely lift spirits and prepare them for Sunday’s service.

Instead, disaster ensued.

The Los Angeles Times reports that despite hand sanitizer and masks being dispersed to sixty people in attendance, 45 of the members have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or ill with the symptoms, at least three have been hospitalized. Two of the choir members are dead and health officials think the virus might have been airborne.

Eight choir members spoke with The Los Angeles Times and said that no one was sneezing, coughing or appeared ill.

“It’s just normal random people doing things that they love to do, and all of a sudden some people are dead,” she said. “It’s very sobering,” said Carolynn Comstock who tested positive for COVID-19 but recovered. She and her husband both attended choir rehearsal and contracted the virus.

She noticed she had a high temperature and lost her sense of taste and smell. She knew was better when she went to wash her hair and could smell the shampoo.

“Fifteen days after the rehearsal, Comstock squirted shampoo into her hand and experienced an odd and pleasing sensation. It smelled. Like coconut.”

The news of the choir members falling ill comes after a Florida church Pastor was arrested for holding service and discouraging social distancing.

Y’all, Jesus can find you INSIDE THE HOUSE.

Stay inside.



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