Mel B Disses Eddie, ‘Satisfied’ with New Boyfriend

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

During a recent interview, Mel B. discussed her new squeeze Stephen Belafonte (pictured with his daughter) and Eddie Murphy:

“I’m very happy, Stephen’s great fun and he satisfies me. The less said about the Beverly Hills C*ck the better!”

If you missed it, she just called Eddie a “Beverly Hills cock”. Mel B’s five minutes of fame are almost up, she should just shut up and sit back and collect the fat child support checks that are coming her way. Bitter D-list interviews are only going to last so long, I guess the publicity and baby pictures are paying the bills until the child support checks start coming in. I wonder if this Stephen dude is going up in Mel B. raw, that has to be scary coming after Eddie Murphy.


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