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New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers

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COVID-19 has put a stop to just about everything on planet earth including the sports that all love so much.

That said, coronavirus is still very active and at this point, there is no cure, no vaccine, and no guaranteed method of effective treatment. But this is America where commerce and capitalism reign supreme and the economy is currently in the s#!tter. Businesses all across the country are eager to get “back to normal” and one of those is Major League Baseball.

According to ESPN, the MLB is moving forward with plans to play their season in a self-isolated form. The idea is that all games for all 30 teams will be played at stadiums in the Phoenix, Arizona area with no fans beginning in May.

Players, coaching staffs and other essential personnel would be sequestered at local hotels, where they would live in relative isolation and travel only to and from the stadium, sources said. Federal officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the National Institutes of Health have been supportive of a plan that would adhere to strict isolation, promote social distancing and allow MLB to become the first professional sport to return.

That SOUNDS good but how does anyone know what May will look like? That’s only a few weeks away and it doesn’t seem like a really good idea regardless of which health agency agrees with it.

The May return date depends on a number of concerns being allayed, and some officials believe a June Opening Day could be more realistic, sources said. Most important would be a significant increase in available coronavirus tests with a quick turnaround time, which sources familiar with the plan believe will happen by early May and allow MLB’s testing to not diminish access for the general public.

We get it but new. This is a really bad idea. Just sit TF down and let this thing blow over before you start giving people false hope of sports returning.



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