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Solange won’t let anything keep her from completing her set while on tour:

“As she made her entrance, a large piece of metal fell from the doorway and landed smack on her foot. While Solange made it through her entire set, albeit in ‘extreme pain,’ she was rushed to a nearby Missouri hospital immediately after the show wrapped.

Rather than cancel the remainder of her Art of Love tour, the cast-sporting Solange will continue performing the remainder of her shows. Per doctor’s orders, however, she will be cutting down on the latter half of her song-and-dance routine, instead performing the from a centerstage stool.”

Kudos to Solange for sticking it out. But given that she lives in big sis’ shadow, she probably doesn’t have any other choice.

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  • Re

    Well damn, I contemplated not working cause of a runny nose…she’s gansta.

  • Why

    Who cares. Really and I am First to say THAT!!!




    I will call off if it is raining too hard

  • k.k

    she should jus lay low..N spend big sis money..but kudos for doing wat she think she can do..HA

  • creolediva

    u go girl…keep it tight..stay on your grind…

  • lil latte

    she looks like she is singing “Five dollar foot long” you know that stupid subway commercial…

  • sickofit

    what a trooper. I will call of because it’s Wednesday.

  • Lola AM

    I love Solange’s new song and vid. I now respect her an artist.

  • Southern Belle 225

    I can honestly say that I DO NOT CARE!


    lil latte…

    Teehehehe…I like that song on the low-low 🙂

  • Elo

    Hmmm…I’m thinkin somebody was tryin to give her a sign…but she army crawled her ass up there draggin the bum foot behind her…now thats drive.

  • Vinandi

    sounds like baby Daniel- aka Lil Creole pimp had something to do with this- something in the similiac aint clean!!!

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    LMAO @ Lil Latte

    5 dollar, 5 dollar foooooooooot looooooong! LOL

    Solange is a trooper and Matthew Knowles runs a serious boot camp.

  • Aunt Viv

    LMBAO@lil’ latte,

    Now that song will be in my head all day…

    “Five…Five Dollar…Five Dollar Foot Long…”

  • missladyjordan

    yeah she probably on the low like hates beyonce…I mean honestly, how would you feel? I absolutely love Bey really can’t stand solange..she just seems like she tries soo hard to be someone else and out of her shadow…she needs a new image, a new look, and a new manager!! M. Knowles is not the business……….

  • dayg715

    wait, what is she doing on tour?

  • bria

    Why is she on tour. I don’t understand. Just because someone sibling is a star does not mean you are one too. She is not a star and she is getting too much attention. She has too pay her dues. Her sister did not start out on top and she shouldn’t either.

  • missladyjordan

    @ Brook lynn lol yeah you’re right about ashley surpassing jessica…but ashley was pretty big when she first started out and has been successful ever since…only because ashley has a direct personality=direct audience so she is set…solange is ALL over the place!

    She doesnt know what image to portray! I really wish the best for solange, but I don’t believe she/nor the ppl around her know WTF they’re doing!



    Check tha new underground knock


  • missladyjordan

    lol @ blunt blazer…riiight solange has been tryna get herself out there for YEARS

  • Madame Enigma

    solange is wack

    yes, she is…

  • rayrayischillin

    Well…. The show must go on!!!! LOL! If Beyonce can fall down a flight of stairs and continue with her performance, then a tap on the foot with a large piece of metal shouldn’t stop Solange either! LOL! SMDH! 😀

  • rayrayischillin

    Matthew Knowles is Wack!!! He’s following in the footstep of that white guy that discovered N-SYNC that recently went to jail. He’s on some mad shady $hit!!!!

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    okay, she had to stick it out….heck Beyonce took a tumble down that huge flight of stairs, messed up leg and stil continued(you can still see the scar to this day)…next thing you know Beyonce will have her foot run over and continue a show while being operated on…in response Solange will be knocked unconscious and just when the show is preparing to get cancelled, will wake up, while still lying on the ground and start belting out her next tune…and so on and so forth

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    speaking of which I just heard her new song on the radio this afternoon…its okay some parts I like…while others…..however one thing I can is that she has a strong voice….a litle deeper that big sis but it’s nice

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