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Celebrities Visit Build - March 9, 2020

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F**k “Dr.” Drew.

Now that that’s out of the way, the celebrity M.D. posted a video this past weekend apologizing for his egregious malpractice after he dismissively called the coronavirus a “press-induced panic” a few weeks ago. Over 10,000 people have died here in America since then and now the Crackerjack medical professional has had a change of heart.

Here’s what he told TMZ on March 9, two days before the NBA shut it’s door for the season.

On Sunday, the doc hopped his ignorant a$$ on a live stream to “apologize” for his potentially fatal error with all sorts of caveats and “well actually” qualifiers. He also tries to shield himself from attacks by saying he was part of a “chorus” of people who f***ed up and got this wrong.

Hey, Pinski, we don’t care who was with you. TWO whole a$$ countries had already experienced massive death and sickness and here your mayo-based a$$ is firing shots at the media and local government officials for trying to keep people safe. The same people that you took an oath to protect.

Listen to this goofball’s “apology” in the video below.


Truth be told, somebody’s loved one probably listened to Dr. Drew, went about their business, and now probably has COVID-19. Anyone who lost someone to this disease would be completely in their rights to want to slap the spectacles off his face when they see him in the streets.

Said person should immediately wash their hands after laying them on him.



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