Phones Pack Up More Germs Than a Toilet Seat, But Yours Doesn't Have To

Phones Pack Up More Germs Than a Toilet Seat, But Yours Doesn’t Have To

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TL; DR: The Portable Smartphone Sanitizer that’s on sale for $49.99, at a 16% discount.

So you’ve washed your hands today for the 4th time already, almost bathed in hand sanitizer and Clorox’d the hell out of every doorknob and surface in your home. Suddenly, your phone rings for the first time in two days, and you drop everything, race to pick it up and slap it right against your face without even a second thought. Girl, come on. Bet you had no idea that the phone’s carrying more germs than a toilet seat. Yeah, you should be disgusted. Also, those harsh wipes and chemicals you use in wiping down your phone do your face no good.

At a time like this, your life kinda depends on making sure that everything that touches you is clean af. That includes your phone as well. And thanks to IntelliArmor, you can now eliminate even the mere idea of germs on your phone and other portable items that you touch. Their Portable Smartphone Sanitizer kills bacteria in minutes, with the help of pure ultraviolet lights only. All you need to do is connect the UV shield to a USB charger, pop your phone into the shield, shut it and press the button for a couple of minutes, and your phone becomes germ-free, just like that. It’s safe to say that this device is certainly an essential item.

The UV Shield is the true definition of ‘one size fits all’, as it can take all those inches of your phone and go all the way up to 6.5″. You can also sanitize your keys, AirPods, watches and any other tiny thing that packs up nasty germs and needs a good cleaning up. The gadget is so small you can throw it into your smallest purse. It’s also USB-powered, so you can sanitize stuff anywhere you find a port.

IntelliArmor’s UV Shield was originally priced at $59.99, but with a 16% discount, you can buy it at $49.99. This is definitely a good deal for something that’s guaranteed to give you 100% protection from germs.


UV Shield: Portable Smartphone Sanitizer – $49.99

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