With This 3-App Bundle, Become A Babe Who Knows Something About Everything

With This 3-App Bundle, You’re About to Become That Babe Who Knows Something About Everything

- By Bossip Staff

It’s a real lonely time for a lot of us out here. Maybe those things you liked to do have started to feel like a chore these days, or you’ve binged all your fave TV shows and you’re now left with nothing to do, or maybe you were finally getting some entertainment on Quarantine Radio before Instagram shut it down ASAP. We’re all bored as hell, but who says you can’t do something you’ve never thought about doing before, like learning a new language or getting to know a little something about everything?

This Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle gives you lifetime access to super dope apps that can help you do just that. The bundle contains everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of what’s what on almost any subject you can think about, and all the resources to help you pick up a new language in no time, as well as ease of access to any corner of the internet you wish to disappear into. When you’re done taking advantage of this bundle to the max, you’ll be everyone’s favorite know-it-all who actually knows what she be talking about.

The bundle contains these goodies:

The Premium Micro Book Library (a $346.50 value)

First off, the social distancing bundle comes with a micro book library that gives you access to hundreds of tiny books that you can go through in just 12 minutes each. You also get 30 new titles each month, on everything from self-help to finance, relationships to productivity, and you can even send these books to your Kindle account or read them offline. Now you can’t go about claiming you’re too busy securing a bag to read books because the pages are too damn much.

Rosetta Stone Unlimited Access (a $299 value)

The Lifetime Subscription Bundle also gives you access to 24 languages on Rosetta Stone. The great thing about this app is that it uses speech-recognition technology, so you know you’re not just learning words in a foreign language — you’re also learning to say them. You can start by brushing up on basic conversation skills before you move on to the big stuff like translating full-length articles written in French or dissecting Spanish pop culture like a pro. The Wall Street Journal called Rosetta Stone the next best thing to living in a country, so you can be sure that the app is truly legit.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited (a $199 value)

While doing all of this, you still get to protect your privacy and security online with Uunlimited VPN from KeepSolid. With the state of the world these days, you really don’t want your sensitive data falling into the hands of lurkers and creeps. That’s why KeepSolid keeps hackers away from your data and removes the restrictions on certain websites, while allowing you to enjoy full browsing speed at the same time. The lifetime subscription to this VPN service lets you join 10 million users all over the world in gaining access to 400+ VPN servers and streaming servers for HBO Now, Hulu, ESPN+ and Netflix US. Because of this and many other benefits, PC Mag voted KeepSolid as one of the Top VPN services worldwide. Can’t beat that.

For an $844.50 value, you can get lifetime access to the Full Social Distancing Bundle at a cool price slash for $199. You better run right quick to the Bossip shop.


The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Ft. Rosetta Stone – $199

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