When The Checks Stop Coming in: Man Blows $127 Million Gambling and Sues Casinos

- By Bossip Staff

If you thought it was only MC Hammer, Beanie Sigel, and rappers blowing stacks and doing dumb sh*t with their money, you have to read about Terrance Watanabe’s reckless steez. After being handed a fortune from his father, he blew $127 million gambling. He is suing Harrah’s entertainment for encouraging him to gamble while intoxicated and says the casino passed him some pain medication with the intention to impair his judgement while gambling. Another casino, the Wynn in Las Vegas kicked this poor thang out of the casino after determining him to be a compulsive gambler and alcoholic.


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  • mstes


  • mstes

    dumb people 127 million in gambling do you know what could i did with 127 million

  • http://dinadinho.evony.com Carters


  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    WOW!!!! A DAXN FOOL!

  • Fed Up

    That breaks my heart…I’m sittin here tryna decide between paying my electric bill or car insurance for this month so my kids can have a Christmas, and this man who has millions of dollars GIVEN to him, blows it gambling and is tryna blame the casino, it makes me angry!!

  • nywoman23


  • Shay

    This isn’t shocking to me. There’s a lady in my city trying to sue her bank. She brought in legal docs saying she was the admin on her grandmothers affairs. She asked the bank to make her a joint signer on the CD. She took the money which she had the right to based on the title she requested for the CD. Took the money and gambled it and now that her family is coming after her for the money she’s trying to sue the bank.


    Vegas caters to the Asian gambler.They (Chinese Korean Japanese) actually sit at the tables & gamble FIRST…unlike the average American who needs to shop & see a show.I have seen twentysomething Japanese girls at the poker tables @ 3am shoulder to shoulder with guys old enough to be grandpa-trynna’ take his mortgage money.He will NOT win the lawsuit by the way.

    “A fool & his money are lucky to meet in the first place”-Gordon Gekko

  • txgals

    The house always wins stupid.

  • memchee

    His father should have taught him how to handle that $$$ before he passed it on to him.

    a lot of dem guyz tend to acquire those gambling and other self-destructive habits in college.

    I nevah understood why non-blacks thought college was solely a vehicle to indulge in er’thing under the sun illegal that could lead to long-term self-destructive habits.

    A bunch or rebellious nerds gone haywire is what I call ’em…..!!!

  • EuniTee

    This fool is an idiot. His family owned/sold/bought back Oriental Trading Company which distributes all the corny and cheap toys/party/etc favors you see at the dollar stores and catalogs. They OWN this market, and his dumb-ass loses it at the tables. Not the first time, either. His sister, who owns another division of OTC, is so much smarter than her older brother. Was hard to biz out of her on the corporate end. Sis didn’t play that shiz! Now..being out of work since Dec 08, I agree the other lady: Light bill, insurance, FOOD OR car note. Sads all around. Dumb ass…

  • Hoesn' em down

    Think thats bad I blew 2o.oo on a cheap fluzy.


    LMAO at some of these comments.

    Dude has to be a stupid fool because only a fool would/could or attempt to gamble away or place a wager on that amount of money. i’ve seen and heard it all!! To top it all off now he wants to sue the casino… Im done!!!!

    Exiting post mumbling to myself STUPID M******F***** needs his a** kicked.

  • Dizzy McElroy

    This has nothing to do with Black people.


    Some people just need a good azz whuppin!!!

  • Get Real

    Oh well…….My mortgage is still due by the 15th.

  • http://naylandhouse.blogspot.com/ http://naylandhouse.blogspot.com/
  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Ironically the casinos were done with him after they took his money.

  • realityWRECKER

    this guy should be next to the dictionary definition of MORONS. $127 million can support atleast the next 5 generations and the guy blows it in 1 lifetime which was handed down to him if anything i think the casino should counter sue him and band him from casinos world wide.

  • darkstar

    I remember going to Vegas and Harrahs had the worst odds on their slot machines so in a way it doesn’t surprise me that they would milk a man for over $100 million.

    Harrahs should have recognized him as somebody with a gambling addiction and given him a help-line phone number at least. This is a grey area, I’m not sure how this will turn out in court.

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