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Al B. Sure celebrated his 40th birthday last night along with sons Quincy and Lil B. Sure. Awww. Look at Quincy trying to stunt like his biological daddy for a change. Damn, he look just like that nicca–unibrow and all. At least Kim Porter knows who her baby daddies be. SMH.

More pics of the birthday bash below:

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  • rayrayischillin


  • Lady Love

    Quincy is fine, Lil B not so much 😦

  • rayrayischillin

    Isn’t Al B sure broke? What does do for a living now?

  • rayrayischillin

    Lil B sisn’t cute. I co-sign on that. I wonder how his mother looks? Is Al B sure married now?

  • Madame Enigma


    Go Head Al.B….

    still lookin good there, boy!

  • T-Fab!!!

    he kinda reminds me of benzino…where is he btw

  • lil latte

    It’s so nice to see Al.B wish he would put out some new stuff though,it’s been waaaayyy to long

  • Aunt Viv

    Al B. Sure was the ish back in the day, unibrow and all!!! Last I heard he was a radio dj out West or something…

  • Mya

    Al B is on radio here in LA, also new CD coming out and he writes. Finally get to see these 3 so hot together, they are all hot hot hot! Happy bday AL B we love ya..

  • Bird

    Al B. is not broke. He doesn’t have Diddy money, but who does? Al is a radio dj in LA and he also does shows. You can see Lil B’s gorgeous mom on his myspace page. He looks exactly like her except he has Al’s lips and unibrow. Even his hairstyle is identical to his moms. I’m so happy to see Al getting publicity with Quincy. It’s been past time for Diddy to stop pretending his is that boy’s father like Al doesn’t exisit. I’da laid hands on him if I was Al.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Which son is his by Kim Porter? The darker one or the one that’s his spitting image?

  • Mya


    yeah he doesn’t have diddy money but like you said who does? I know there is always stuff going on here with Al B he gots money! Is he married? I want to see a pic of his wife, Quincy looks just like him and nothing like Kim.

  • Re

    Yuck. What happened to male bands nowadays? These guys look buttery. Or like their hair is always wet.

  • Spainred

    ABS is some FINE MOTHA F*****ER!

  • lover

    I love Al B. I met him once in LA me and my friend went up to him to tell him how much she loved his music he was so polite, he seemed very down to earth. he had glasses on though so we could really see his eyes but he looked good.

  • Lady Love

    I had a crush on christopher williams more so than Al B.

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    Quincy is so adorable **swoooooon**

    Al B.. needs to lose 3 pounds in his face

    Lil B needs a reality check, you are not that cute, put the fingers down..


    Quincy, the one on the left is Kim Porter’s son

  • Apple Dapple

    Um Al b. is a lil mo thicker in the midsection than I remember… but he’s still cute.. that is.. if you like em non-amistad-ish..

  • samira

    Al B. is STILL fine! A little heavier, but who isn’t at 40?

    His son Quincy looks just like him…dang!

  • num1dominicano

    Al B. Sure look like a fat groundhog in the grill…

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    Ok, I’m confused! The one that looks like Al B Sure is Kim’s son? SO who is the dark-skinned guy? Is that Diddy’s son? See this, “All of Us” stuff, got me confused.

  • lover

    Eric B still got it, but i love my girl Halle!

  • lover

    one on left is quincy ALB and Kim son but Diddy stepson and one on right is ALB son but i dont know who the momma is??

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Wow! Al B. Sure is still fine!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    damn this dude look like his daddy made him all by himself right down to the damn unibrow

    strong genes

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