Rihanna Is Looking 40 Years Old! Stresses from Hollyweird Apparent

- By Bossip Staff

Look at that cute little young face of hers. First it was this and now your girl Rihanna is out at a club in NYC last night looking like she has about 3 kids at the crib and is working on her 4th marriage. More pics under the hood, including RiRi showing off her little backs.

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  • Sonrisa_Putas

    LOL @ Elle… She might not look that old but she’s trying a little too hard now 2 really be out in the scene. Giiiirrrl stop while you’re ahead. Your starting to look less and less like the “Young Innocent Barbados Chick” that you were portrayed to be when you first came out. She talks about being role models for young girls now but hell all this negative publicity is not helping. Her motto “It Is Not Okay To Get Beat But It’s Okay To Look Like A Hoe”…….. wooooowwwwww

  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    not feelin this get up

  • ddmlibra

    She looks nice, she is supposed to, she has no other talent to offer

  • ddmlibra

    Not hatin’ but I’m sick of the ‘talentless’ R &B singers and their boring songs who get their music play based on musical brain washing and over exposure

  • aiight!!!!!


  • WHY

    she looks good as usual & she looks far from 40…lets see what the miserable haters gots 2 say…..5……….4……….3…..2….1

  • Meka

    I HATE RIHANNA!!!!!!!


    Im not even a fan of Rihanna, but d**n…but all these jealous haters….
    are annoying me more than her.

  • taytayy

    That dress is KILLING it. She looks fine. Except for that one picture on the front page. But she looks beautiful as usual. It is her last leg to stand on, afterall.

  • Asiatic Sun


    She is falling off. She lost without C.B. If somebody with some sense doesen’t intervene, it ain’t gone end good for her. She already ain’t that talented…she falling apart…


  • she'ree

    wtf are you talking about. she looks gorgeous as always

  • Ree Ree

    actually i agree.. i’ve been saying this for a while. some of these celebrities after a while…start to look used and recycled…they look old and haggard [Rhianna included].

  • Derpaderp

    Ummmm… she looks the same like she did last week. I’m not sure what you guys are smoking but she doesn’t look 40, but Lindsay on the other hand…..

  • Claire

    My first though Rooster meets Zebra.

  • Meka



    what a life.. this is all she does.

    put on clothes, walk up and down, drink, party, drink, make appearances, drink, party, drink, stand in place and screetch on stage, party, and drink.

    she needs to go and get some f*cking vocal lessons

  • Sergio / Straight from Angola

    She looks old and ugly 4´sho

  • std is a mofo

    she really needs to close her mouth

    herpes is a mof.. don’t even breath my way trick!!!

  • Optimus Prime-Real Estate

    I really think we don’t fully know the whole truth with the Breezy sichiation [sic].

    She went off on him and he couldn’t take it anymore and beat her like she stole something. Of course, he took the rap and the media dubbed him WORSE MAN IN AMERICA because he hit a woman. But when it’s the other way around…

    I think thats why she’s so empty looking. She’s living a lie.

  • leesa

    This young woman is absolutely beautiful. I wonder what you look like?

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