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Protesters Demonstrate Outside The Virginia Capitol For Government To Ease Stay-At-Home Orders And Open Businesses Up

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Being upset over having to self-quarantine for months at a time is understandable–but we’re staying at home for a reason, and protesting to go back outside is only going to hurt us in the long run.

Over the course of the past week, thousands of people across the United States have gathered at state capitals, trying to pressure lawmakers into lifting the current stay-at-home orders. While experts continue to say these mandates are key in curbing the spread of COVID-19, these citizens are arguing that the restrictions violate personal liberty, also pointing out that this could result in a long-term economic disaster.

A Republican congressional candidate in Utah by the name of Mary Burkett participated in Wednesday’s “Walk for Freedom” n in St. George, with residents calling on their officials to ease social-distancing orders.

“The government, at all levels, has overstepped its authority in their request to ‘protect’ Americans from a virus,” Burkett wrote in a press release. “While well-intentioned, it’s naïve for the Mayor, and others, to think shutting down our local economy will ‘protect’ families. The American citizen is perfectly capable of deciding how to best protect themselves. We have a rich history of solving problems without government interference. Give us information and suggestions, if you must, then step aside and allow Americans to take care of solutions.”

One of the most-cited concerns among these demonstrators is business closures due to the lockdowns, along with arguing that it is not up to lawmakers to determine what is or isn’t an “essential business.” According to reports from NBC News, even more protests are scheduled to go down in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington state within the coming weeks.

You miiiiight wanna keep an eye out for a headline about some of the stay-at-home protestors catching COVID-19 in the next few days.


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