Say Goodbye to Long, Cold Quarantine Nights With the Warmest Blanket Ever

Say Goodbye to Those Long, Cold Quarantine Nights With the Warmest Blanket Ever

- By Bossip Staff

TL; DR: Finally, a blanket for your single a** that’s $269.99, a 9% discount.

You gotta admit that quarantine szn kinda sucks when you’re doing it all alone. Those damn videos of couples doing couple stuff on TikTok were cute to you at some point, but now you just want to scroll down fast when you see them. We’re here to tell you that it’s perfectly okay if you’re lowkey hating on people doing the Slide on Insta with bae, just remember to put down the phone before you give in to the urge to throw some shade.

Anyway, who even needs a bae right now when you have the Hush Blanket to cuddle up with at night? First of all, this blanket is the perfect size, and it can hold you snugly all through the night without having to complain about a cramped arm the next morning. Also, it won’t start small, meaningless fights over the shared work-from-home space. It’s basically the ideal partner to self-isolate with.

If you’ve been having all those weird dreams lately, it’s probably because of all the stress and anxiety you may be going through from staying indoors for so long. The Hush Blanket will give you the calmest sleep you’ve had in weeks. This queen-sized beauty is made with the softest microfiber and filled with non-toxic glass sand to give you the right weight, and it will hold you tighter than Idris Elba in your nighttime fantasies. The 2-in-1 blanket also comes in handy no matter the weather or season. Its Classic Duvet Cover is perfect for springtime, and the super-soft minky threading gives you more comfort than you’ve ever known. You can also prepare to stay chill af during those hot summer nights with the queen-sized Iced Cooling Cover which is made with the coolest cotton and moisture-wicking bamboo. This means you get to have a hot girl summer without breaking a sweat.

The Hush Weighted Blanket is super-easy to install, and changing the covers is no big deal at all — simply remove and swap them, throw the used cover into the washer and let it dry afterward. Finally, you know we’ve always got you with the irresistible deals — you can cop Hush for $269.99, a 9% discount from the original selling price of $299. A steal for a set of three eye-catching bed covers that also know how to get the work done.


The Hush Blanket 2-in-1 Summer & Winter Bundle – $269.99

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