Become a MS Office Boss With This 12-Course Bundle, Now on Sale for $34.99

Become a Microsoft Office Boss With This 12-Course Bundle, Now on Sale for $34.99

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In the good old days of working from the office, we all had that co-worker who was a total boss at putting slideshows together, making insane spreadsheets and performing all kinds of sorcery on Excel. Well, it’s too bad we’re all at home now and those people can’t make us feel terrible about our limited Microsoft Office skills anymore. And with all this free time you’ve now got, you too can learn to be an absolute pro in the bidness.

Okay, so you know the basics of using Excel. That’s cool. But you should also know that having more advanced knowledge on everything Excel can help you break down large chunks of data and make informed business decisions that could take you to a whole new level in your career. If you want that, then the All-In-One Microsoft Office Professional Suite Certification Prep Bundle is for you, and it’s now on sale in the Bossip shop.

The bundle is divided into 12 courses that will teach you the ins & outs on creating worksheets, designing databases, organizing data and so much more. When you’re done with the course and ready to kill it at work or show off to your boss and co-workers low key, we promise that your skills will have them shook.

The bundle contains these courses:

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019 Training (a $200 value)

If you’re new to Microsoft Excel, this one’s for you. Gain access to 118 lectures and 1 hour of content at any day and any time, and learn to create, edit, format and print basic worksheets with Excel 2019 or Excel 365.

Introduction to Microsoft Access 2019 (a $200 value)

This one’s for the Microsoft Access newbies. The course trains you on how to work with table views, queries and modules, and shows you how to design databases. You’ll also become a wiz at creating forms and reports with the Form Wizard and the Report Wizard.

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2019 (a $200 value)

Here’s another course in the bundle that’s for you, if you have little to zero idea on how Microsoft Outlook works. Your instructor will get you schooled on working with messages, calendars and contacts with the 2019 interface.

Introduction to Microsoft  Word 2019 Training (a $200 value)

You’ll really love this one if you’re not so great at Microsoft Word. By the time you complete this course, you’ll be untouchable when it comes to creating, editing, formatting and printing documents.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Training (a $200 value)

Learn all the basics on Microsoft PowerPoint like creating basic slideshow presentations, formatting text on slides, adding graphics to a presentation and including tables and charts to a presentation. Your work presentations will never remain the same after this course.

Intermediate Microsoft Word 2019 Training (a $200 value)

When you’re sure you’ve gotten the hang of the basics involved in Microsoft Word, proceed to the intermediate training course to learn how to make your documents look organized af. In this course, you’ll be instructed on how to add images and tables to documents, and how to customize them to your taste. You’ll also learn other great stuff like advanced formatting techniques and how to make section breaks.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2019 Training (a $200 value)

Advance your Excel skills with this course where your skilled instructor will give you all the info you need about working with charts and advanced formatting skills. You’ll also learn to streamline and analyze data and keep it organized, as well as grouping and summarizing the data.

Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Training (a $200 value)

Turn up your PowerPoint skills to the max with this course that teaches you how to work with Masters and Special Effects in your PowerPoint presentations. You’ll also be able to customize presentations, use SmartArt and set up slideshows when you complete this course.

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2019 Training (a $200 value)

When you get comfy with basic Microsoft Excel skills, this course will take you to another level by teaching you the most powerful and advanced tools on Excel like PivotTables, PivotCharts and Macro. One student of this course said that she’d learned so much cool stuff that she’ll be able to use to expedite her data analysis process at her job, so you can take her word as well as ours, and hop right on this joint.

Advanced Microsoft Word 2019 Training (a $200 value)

You may think you know everything about Microsoft Word already, but you may also be wrong. What do you know about collaborating with other users on Word, or comparing and combining docs? Not a lot? Then this course is definitely for you.

Advanced Microsoft Access 2019 (a $200 value)

Want to become a Microsoft Access gawd? Then take this advanced course that teaches you how to create more elite queries, forms and reports. Here, you’ll also learn to work with Macros and create navigation forms.

Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2019 (a $200 value)

This course gives you access to 54 lectures that will train you to work with tasks, notes, signatures and themes, manage your inbox and work with multiple accounts on Outlook.

Here’s the best part about all of this: The entire bundle has a pricey value of $2400, but at a 98% discount, you can buy it at just $34.99 when you get it off the Bossip shop.


The All-In-One Microsoft Office Professional Suite Certification Prep Bundle – $34.99

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