What’s Wrong With This Picture??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here’s another montage of horrendous prom night images. Check out the cottage cheese fairy, titties falling out and all. Some of these may look familiar to you, but these pics are truly worthy of continuous rotation – they’re just pure comedy.

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  • swoosh

    where do these people come from???

  • Aunt Viv


  • You have gots to be kidding me, right?

    she’s gorgeous! i saw her at porkribssheeats dott come! seriously, she’s beautiful to some man and that’s all that counted 12 fat back folds, how about you?

  • Katherine

    where the hell are the parents here? and why do these “kids” look like they’re 35 years old?

  • zayah


  • Aunt Viv

    There comes a point where this stops being comedy and just becomes sad. That woman is unhealthy, both physically and mentally.

  • http://gravatar.com NIKKI UNDERWOOD


  • marque

    Lovin’ the red “carpet” there, mah mans. WTF? Looks like someone done gone and rolled out the Christmas slip n slide.


  • J Gats Juice


  • http://www.myspace.com/redsindc redsindc

    Big girl went hard….with the no bra!!! How many times them titties came out that night…..and the see through white mini joint with the glow in the dark panties…..she must have already been drunk when she left the house because she does look a little busted!!!

  • kaybaybay

    They look horrible! And those “gucci” and “louis vuitton” outfits are copyright infringements they should be sued! I can’t go there right now on the fat one i haven’t had my breakfast yet. yuck

  • Lil.mizz.Africa

    personally i feel that alot of these r bein takin outta preportion….i wish she would put more close on but beside that i feel like there is nothing wrong from straying from the norm ive seen white girls in revealing prom dressand y does no one make a big deal outta them….

  • Just for fun

    Wonder what the chick with the long toe nails does in the winter time? Them sh*ts look natural and she had to have been growing them for a while. Hate to share a bed with her

  • http://gravatar.com NIKKI UNDERWOOD 08

    These kids look old because they do drugs

  • sickofit

    No say it ain’t so. WTF?

    That is so nasty, I know by the end of the night her azz was stank with all that sweaty ass meat. What is the purpose of the shoestring tied around her leg.


  • Kigali Weaves R4 Trannies

    Its true most girls that go to prom will be wearing traditional dresses. Some of the dresses I’ve seen arent bad and I’d imagine that if we saw them on the run way we wouldnt be going into cardiac arrest over them when we see them on young black teens

    This fat woman needs to lose weight. I wish black people would stop thinking fatness is acceptable. It isnt. It aint natural. It aint hereditary. Its just laziness and poor lifestyle choices.

  • Hell2TheNO

    that bet not be no high school student…big ass, that is funny 2 me!!! she wrong 4 that

  • Rozza

    @Re: She is wearing a neon pink thong under her t-shirt dress. It looks like something she was trying to put on and just tore up while she was doing it! Then she said F-it – I don’t feel like cutting this mess off!

  • http://www.myspace.com/shenequaboo NequaBoo757

    ROTFL!!!! I can’t help but laugh because the picture of the Gucci squad was my 2002 prom in VA. That chick was actually the prom queen. Them dudes that are dressed alike were both the dates of the girl sitting on the left. It’s 2008 & they still gettin clowned?

  • KAM

    This isn’t funny. It’s an embarrassment and a disgrace. The world is in a messed up place.

  • Harlem Chic

    I sincerely hurt for my people.

  • http://www.myspace.com/redsindc redsindc

    I thought Oak Tree and Cavalier went out of business!!!

  • cooleyhigh

    why is the world I messed up place? how does these dresses convey that? How bout looking at your government? Hating on the ghetto ain’t and where it’s at.

  • http://www.myspace.com/redsindc redsindc

    Its been a minute since I saw the jersey dress and shawty with the helicopter doo would have made for an interesting dance with those propellers spinning!!!

  • Doc

    This is pure trailer trash ghetto. im embarrased for my people. they all should have a litle bit of sense, and realize tha they look like clowns from a cheap circus.

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