Nas: “Black President”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is Nas’ new track called “Black President”. Listen below and feel free to comment:


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  • da darkness


  • swoosh

    just wanted to say happy friday

  • STL Soulja



    MR FLORIDA says…..YES, WE CAN!! Lets get it. So we can Q on the white house lawn.

  • da darkness

    Pac is rolling in his grave. cats using his hooks ooh. somebody paid major bucks. is that em? Green gotta be the top DJ.

  • Adolf Oliver Bush

    I just can’t wait until he gets into office because the first time he doesn’t give blacks what they want they will turn on his ass. lmao

  • Ripcity

    Nas is the God MC

  • dayg715

    hot, as usual. you’re right, Ripcity.

  • LADY B

    it would be nice for a black man to be pres. but the whites in power will never allow it he will be killed and there will be war between the people sad but true


    That was tight, Very creative, and I just wanna say “YES WE CAN”.

    I must say NAS did his thing with that one.


    Lady B, SIT DOWN!

    Must we always be NEGATIVE and speak on the worst that could happen???

  • Bird

    I don’t know. It’s not very inspirational, nor does it mention the issues that Barack is campaigning on. But for those people who are looking for Barack to cure everything that ills black folk I guess it’s ok. I’ll have to hear from them. Hopefully they won’t diss Barack when he doesn’t let all the black men out of jail on appeal which we all know ain’t happening.

  • finesseyoswagger

    diggin’ the trk…

    Obama is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason

    and related to the Royal Family…

    I wonder how “down for the cause” he actually is or will be if elected.Let’s have faith but be realistic @ the same time-one NEVER KNOWS.

    Most prez’z were some kind of Mason and/or blood relation to the ROYAL FAMILY…

  • CorporateBrutha


  • WyzePro

    Hiram Abiff is in here

  • Big Den

    Hot track. Very creative. Im diggin this album so far. Its time for music with some substance that you can bob your rock to!

  • CorporateBrutha

    Another comment, After reading the comments I want people to think about it. If not break the ice with one Black President or Not, then when will we ever be ready. If elected or not, you always have to take small stepping stones to make a differene in society, he has already made history, let see how far he can take it.

  • Kay

    I like the track. Good use of one of my favorite tupac tracks. Nas always knows how to come correct politically.

  • suzie q

    Yes we can.. love the song.. Nas is damn good mc

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Love thesong, Love the concept… Nas is a true thug poet.

  • trs

    Straight FIRE!! YES WE CAN!!!

    Obama 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DDub

    This album is sounding more militant and in line with Black Panther ideology. It’d be interesting to see who in fact is picking it up and actively listening to its message. It looks to be one of Nas’s strongest album with the weakest sales though time will tell. I can surely appreciate what he’s trying to do.

  • luvchild graduates Sunday

    I soooo, soooo, wish that everyone would:

    STFU & STFD and let this man run his campaign. The song is nice BUT I can’t help to think that Nas is riding the coattails of Pastor Jeremiah Wright in the publicity pool.

  • Don Suave

    I would not be suprised if you hear that at Obama’s victory party in late november. Nas is always speaking the truth. I love this track and I’m glad he changed the album title because it sounded like a gimmick and Nas don’t need one.


    I like…I like

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