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Hovvy Hov stay making moves. Here he is leaving a business meeting in NYC to discuss starting an advertising agency. You gotta respect the man’s business swag for real. Check out the “A Billi” track below:

View some pics of post-pregnancy banger Halle Berry right about now…

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    First.. Make dat money hov!!

  • jandsmama

    Wow Halle looks great! Wish all new mommies could follow suit. Congrats to Hov too on all his business endeavors.

  • kia cato

    3rd jay looking good homie!

  • jammy

    I want to lay my head on halle’s chest

  • Melissa

    Hov ….you looking really *uckable!

  • World Gone Wild

    I don’t think its possible for Halle to look bad…ever!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Hovvy rocks!!! He is such a business man… it’s a good look!


    Mr. Carter lookin cute.

  • mrslaadee

    Jay-Z looks like he is slimming down.



  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Now, boys and girls this mf got “SWAGGER”!!!!!

    He doesn’t have to try so hard like dumb diddy…. it’s automatic with Hov!

  • I'm Just Me

    Halle looks awesome!!!!

    Luv Hoovy!!


  • Taylor

    hold on now jay is killing it don’t say weezy is better than him!!!

  • kels

    Marriage agrees with Hov! He looks good! He’s getting all his ducks in a row for his heir! Just love it! Halle looks great!

  • spinner22

    I agree kels Marriage seems to become Jigga I thinkj he has a new glow to him love it!always thought he had a certain rugged sexiness to him now it seems to be a whole nother level lol lol

  • X

    Jay, your music is soooooooooooo boring. there is so much *ucked up *hit happening to black people all over the world. You are grown ass now, don’t have you have anything deep, meaningful, or insightful to say. Eeesh, why don’t you take some of you money and invest in an education, cuz you sound like a type A fool. At the very least, buy a clue.


    must be fate

  • X

    Jigga, wake up. I just heard “Hero”, now that’s how you evolve.

  • drea

    can you please dress your age shawn…you’re flippig 40 years old dressed like a 12 yr old boy

  • Maxi

    ^^ Umm, 60 yr old men wear tshirts, jeans, and sneakers!LOL It’s timeless!

  • Princess

    Jay is enjoying being married! Love the glow Hova!

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  • CreamyPeach


  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Jay is the man!!!

  • tintin

    love me some jay z. halle’s breast are so huge. i just dont’ get why she never has her kid, don’t tell me she has the nanny raising her.

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