Pay Yo Bills: Ochocinco Being Sued For Skipping Payments on a Whip

- By Bossip Staff

Ochocinco owes some scrilla on a 2008 Dodge Challenger:

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco burned his opponent Sunday for over 100 receiving yards and a touchdown – but he may need a ride to the next game.

The player was sued Friday in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court by Daimler Chrysler Financial Services, accused of not paying for his 2008 Dodge Challenger. Ochocinco bought the car Aug. 12, 2008, using his former name, Chad Johnson.

He paid $55,5487.35 for the vehicle but put $20,000 down on it, getting a loan for $37,975 for the car he bought from Northgate Chrysler Jeep. The suit accuses him of being in default on the loan, having paid $3,200 on the car in 13 months.

It claims he owes $34,709.72 on that loan plus 15 percent interest annually from Sept. 10, 2009, likely the last payment the company received on the car. His monthly payments are $847.11.

Ochocinco didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment left with the Bengals public relations staff.

First Chad was writing bad checks to hoes, and now this. What ever happened to being responsible and paying your billls?? We know this dude can afford it. Dumba*s.


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  • pynk♥{sugar}

    How?! Dude, you have money! Just pay it off! lol

  • From Holland

    …prolly a small oversite

  • From Holland

    ….or he probably got it for his brother


  • I am tireeeeed!!!!!!

    he probably has an accountant that is not doing their job



    Thats what I am thinking. How?!?

  • Blue

    C’mon man this is not news. May as well start reporting that Celeb X missed his trash day or rapper Y skip a dentist appointment….do you really think Ocho sits down at a PC and sends in his car payment every month. That’s what managers and accountants do….. this cat just spent $20K on a touchdown celebration.

  • sassalene

    Why couln’t he just pay the 55 grand in cash since he knows he has it. I think?

  • The Beast 1123

    Who pays that much for a damn Challenger??? Ohco is a idiot!!!

  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    Any damn fool who names himself “Eighty Five” (legally!!!) because that happens to be his jersey number, is so obviously a damn moron, that he deserves no further consideration.

    I suppose he thought it was BRILLIANT to put the name in spanish, but latinos all over the world made it plain “this m-o-f-o ain’t ours”.

  • meemea


  • This is why you're broke

    Obviously you idiots don’t know when someone has that amount of money they have an accountant to handle payments on sh-t like cars and mortgages. It’s most likely an accounting problem.

  • Looking for a Bossip Baby (I love a women in heels)

    C’mon Son! Why are you banking serious loot and driving a $30,000 whip?!?! I make less than 6 figures and my ride cost more than yours…and the payment has never been late. How you ain’t foot your foot in someone @$$ for not making the payment?…C’mon Son!

  • Looking for a Bossip Baby (I love a women in heels)

    *put your foot


    is ocho cinco his real name!?!?! how do he get it on his jersey?

  • dirty perk

    Look at his twitter page. He says he cosigned for a family.

    Tiger Woods in the news again, I’m being sued for a vehicle I bought for a family member<—never put cars in your name for anybody! Ever!
    about 6 hours ago from MOTOBLUR

    #imjustsaying– do not cosign and put your name or anything unless you are positive that they will make payments, it falls back on me! SMH

  • Terrance Thomas Sr.504

    That that man bussiness!!!!!!!!!!!

  • m

    @ she-she
    he legally changed his name to ochocinco. lots of people in cincy were pissed cuz they had to replace their jerseys that said “johnson” on it.
    i’ve seen him around downtown cincy in his doge. don’t know if he pays the note on time, but he does look good in it. it’s kind of hard to believe such an over the top guy drives such a “regular” car.


    Y didn’t they just repo it like they do everybody else?

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