Rihanna Caught Cheesing Courtside, Even Though Rated R Was a Flop…

- By Bossip Staff

Freakazoid Rihanna was spotted at the Knicks game last night looking awfully giddy for a girl whose “highly anticipated’ album moved less than 180K units in its first week.

Pop the hatch for more pics of RiRi, Spike Lee, and Chris Rock courtside…

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  • MJ007

    Let her be…she looks happy!!

  • bmarie

    so what, her life is supposed to be over? It takes more muscles to frown and pout than to smile! At least that’s what I heard….

  • tj23


  • meme


    so what if she is at a bball game… even though her album flop, what is she supposed to do, be all depressed about it??
    life fuking goes on…
    ands she is still getting paid..

  • WhatAWorld

    The only people worried about Rihanna’s album are the blogs,get a life!

  • Riri

    She would match perfectly to Jay-Z because he loves basketball.

  • BWW

    so what…her albums have always been a slow simmer sales wise and you’re still talking about her so she must be doing something right.

  • Reagan

    Ain’t this the same blog that said GGGB was a flop when it came out and it went on to be a big seller…uhmm.

    Rated R is not a flop even though all the Rihanna haters want it to be…it sold more in it’s first week than GGGB did.


    Who cares………

  • Nique


  • 1987

    i swear its sooooo annoying how pretty she is! lol, let her do her thang!

  • Undacuvabrutha (Into the Swing of Things)

    Her album is a flop just because it sold 180K in its first week, FIRST WEEK?????? People have no idea about album sales and profits from albums, they just say anything. She’ll make more money off of this album than the majority of Americans make in a lifetime, SMH.

  • Karach

    Susan Boyle outselling Rihanna! LMAO! Rihanna is so OVA! all the hype about the wait is OVA! Today I’m picking up Chris new drop…

  • I'm in and I'm out

    Umm Riri Stans. I think people call it a flop because the album sells didnt match the hype level. Rihanna had the world at her feet after Feb 8th. She was on every magazine, every entertainment news channel. Every blog. Her 20/20 interview had huge ratings and her album promo was every where and she only sold 180k?comonson! Not to mention she’s a bigger artist then she was back in 07. And she only sold 20,00 more than GGGB. With all the hype around her She should have atleast gotten 300k.

    Bottom line… Its a flop because the numbers didnt match the hype.

  • KeepNit2Real

    the 3rd pic on the 3rd row says it all…a stick of gum headed for her wide opened mouth.

  • jswang

    i’m sure she’ll be okay regardless of her first week sales.

  • Rihanna's sharp n witchy finger to the oath

    why she insist on wearing that village people hat, I’ll never know…

  • Charlene

    Rihanna flopped and her fans know it. Coming off of GGGB and with all the hype about this new album, she was supposed to do way better than 180,000. She doesn’t have any legitimate talent. Her wearing fancy clothes isn’t enough to keep her in the limelight.

  • bored

    She did flop big time and guess what? her second week sales are even worst! She has nothing else to do but smile. She put out 3 singles and none did anything positive for her or her sales. Stans stop arguing cause again the numbers will prove you wrong, this is x-mas season and a woman with acutal talent is whipping the shy* out of a chick that got more airplay than Obama so what’s that saying? When Karma hit it hits hard!

  • Jimmy


    300k worldwide Isnt enough for someone with rihannas status. She’s a “international super star” remember? Susan B sold more than 3mill world wide! With absolutley no promo NOR any of her songs on radio. Rihanna with all the hype and promo around her album should have gotten more than what she did. She was a flop Now open up your eyes!


    See that’s where your wrong! I’m not into CB AT ALL! He’s not even cute to me! I’m just stating facts RIHANNA WAS A FLOP! PERIOD. Yall fans know it.

  • Princess

    She didn’t flop she still has time

  • Paul Johnson

    You all most not be familiar with the record industry or any of Rihanna’s previous record sales trends. I am not a huge fan of her music but I bet you she still goes platinum..She historically has started off slow. This is actually a good opening week for her..

  • bored

    Susan Boyle was #1 with over 1.2mil with no promo so stop! That makes her look even worst. In the UK she has gone from 16 to 19. The comment about her not being a first week seller when out with GGGB, after that hype and the hype of everything else she should’ve done 2x more than Susan WW.

  • bored

    In all fairness she is doing the same as Ciara so let her promote as much as possible cause she needs it..

  • DrmKpr

    truth of the matter…. her sales the first weeks was the highest in her career… it outsold music of the sun, a girl like me, and good girl gone bad. rihanna normally does not have high numbers the first week so the 180k was good…. go Knicks!!!!!

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