Tiger “Cheetah” Woods Has A Vegas Rat Pregnant From Orgies Under The Name “Roy”

- By Bossip Staff

What in God’s name is wrong with Tiger? Some of our staff went to high school with this guy, and he was the most quiet kid on campus. Come to find out, this dude is a freak to no end and may have a bastard child on the way which is the real reason his wife came at him with a golf club.

Another Vegas ho has come out with some startling info:

“Did I really just get a phone call from a “Friend of a Friend” asking how much to keep my nose out of it. Sorry, but I am not one of these dumb Vegas tramps. I don’t care that Tiger Woods was having orgies at The Palms on multiple occasions under the name Roy or that the night I was at Tao he knocked up…… some Vegas trash. I don’t want to be on the payroll from the man “with the black suit”… I am more worried about the environment and concerned about how that Tree is doing that Tiger penetrated in front of his warm home. Take your hush money and shove it up your a*s.”

This guy is done for. This goes to show you black people; no matter how “in” you think you are with them, as soon as it hits the fan… you will be used as a shield and a stepping stool. Just ask OJ…


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