Nicki Minaj and Trina Celebrate Their Birthday with Floyd “Money” Mayweather

- By Bossip Staff

Nicki Minaj and Trina had a birthday celebration in Atlanta. Check out how Floyd Mayweather is all in Nicki Minaj’s grill…

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  • juicyjessica

    OMG!! I have never done this before but…I’m FIRST CHICKENS!!!

  • Go To Hell


    They both look stank. Are they at a bowling alley?

  • Daywalker(The Daydream!!!)

    I wouldn’t touch either one of them!!! YEESH!!! 😕

  • LadyInBlack

    @daywalker…lmao. Sweetie you want live to regret it. Im sure your mr manhood is thankful for your wise choice. LOL..and soo many ppl have the audacity to believe that stds cant be pretty…lol let me stop.

  • huh?

    oh plz, dey blitzes wit a pretty face and a fat az, of course u’d hit. aint dat the only requirement of u guys?

  • living life with no regrets

    It’s funny on these pic Nikki seems a little tiny with no chest…on other pic they make it seems as if she has big breast…’s amazing what a camera can do…lol…not hating or anything but i really dont care for her type of rap style…..when she raps she tries to hard…

  • Fashionista

    So nobody is going to comment on grown women wearing matching outfits and barretts??? SMH

  • Fashionista



    shout out to FLOYD MAYWEATHER

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  • RNS

    why trina and teyana taylor all hugged up? all them chicks probably gay

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  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)

    mizz tbaby
    12/9/09, 09:52:am

    yall some hatas dat ***** nicki is da ***** i love the way she rap

    I don’t!! That broad is talentless, her crusted up, yeast infected snootch looks and probably smells like a friggin’ foot!! No thanks, I’ll pazz!!! Enjoy all you want, none for me!! LOL!!!

  • vanilla bean creme

    alot of the same ex’s one room- dam

  • She Knows...

    I wish all the all the hatin would stop, Ms. Minaj is bad. period.

  • joanna


  • Ms.R

    Is it just me or do them lacefronts look horrible!The only one who’s hair looks cute is Teyana’s-cuz it’s hers.I don’t know what it is about lacefronts,but they don’t look right on anybody.

  • Go Khloe!!!

    @ Ms. R…their lacefronts are looking weird. Love these chics though!! 🙂

  • Go Khloe!!!

    @ Ms. R…their lacefronts are looking weird. LOL!! Love these chics though!! 🙂

  • WOW

    WOW It’s Some Hater’s On This Site! As Nicki Would Say Step Your Cookiez Up Before They Crumble! B**** You Been A Fan!!!!!!!

  • MzzQ2u

    Why does Niki look like she’s on something strong…. mahybe too many trips to the bathroom stall….?

  • The Truth


  • damntruth

    i didnt kno bad bit**** dressed alike?? that went out with the jeri curl didnt it? Both of them graspin at straws..nicki just socializing with who ever will give her the time…seem trina has lots of free time…no hit songs…Music is turning into faces and azzes… not talent. SOOO SADD

  • damntruth

    i wonder why teyanna didnt takes pics wit nicki…nobody from new york likes seems

  • clous

    i like trina,beautiful girl, niki doesnt do nothing for me.

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