Nicki Minaj Diss To Remy Ma And Footage From When She Dressed Like A Boy

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Nicki Minaj Diss To Remy Ma And Footage From When She Dressed Like A Boy

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  • lissamonet

    thats not nicki.
    stop your madness.

  • BKchick

    OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! Yes that is nicki. Check her bio she resided in the BX a while back and she is bi. Listen to the voice and check out the face. This was taped a while back, before he lost some weight and got the surgery. LISTEN CAREFULLY….

  • Carmen

    THAT IS NOT NICKI MINAJ!!!!! 1st off everyone knows that nicki is bi? so that nothing new! but that is def not her!!!!!!!!! anyone can sound like her, that person is trying to imitate and it AINT WORKING!!!

  • melo

    That is clearly Nicki!

  • 1man2people

    that’s f’n disgusting …. Nicki is really blowing me right now… & i thought she didn’t drink or smoke either???? wooooow…. oh well

  • 1man2people

    i’m really trying 2 go by the nose & those god awful sideburns… but will c

  • WOW

    THAT IS NOT HER!!!!!!!!!! It’s A Shame You People Think That’s Her

  • Summer


    check the picture before nicki minaj had her nose job. you can really tell that it is her b/c she has her hair down. she doesn’t have the du-rag on her head. && nicki minaj IS from Queens but if you listen to her music she talks about spending a lot of times in the BX. Remember she went to LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in Manhattan so she weas definetely in the area.

  • juiice

    wow if this aint nicki this her lil sister or her twin !! thats all imma say

  • damntruth

    thats not nicki..but maybe this person can help nicki wit her raps

  • trey

    LMAO yall stupid if yall think dis is Nicki..Nicki is from QUEENS and reps QUEENS…She also has deep dimples when she smiles and talks..dat wasnt even remy on the phone dis is hella fake..yall hella dumb fa believin dis bullshit

  • Henni

    I seen this years ago, neva put the 2 and 2 together.

  • unknown

    On everythang that look and sound like ha though!

  • Bella

    Whats up sexi nicki;*
    I dont care if it u not u I love U just the way u r anytime boo;p… #1FaN BeLlA xoxoxoxo

  • http://gdsh Destinie

    who cares about Nicki Manaj

  • SexciSexci

    y does it matter if that’s her or not!! i mean 4real tho…if yall really wanna know if it’s her y dnt yall just stop the rumors and go ask her…i mean damn so da fuk wat if it is her!! wat yall gon do put her in jail for being a stud b4 she was famous?????…..I DIDNT THINK SO!! it’s her fukin life and she can live how she want to….stud, bi, wateva!! y does it concern any of u!! those of u who said it wasnt her..I AGREE!!! until i hear her say it was her out of her own mouth…then yea i will believe it!!! until then…this is BULLSHIT!!! duecez!!

  • bull durham

    lol. it’s no question. that’s definitely her. bi my @ss. that’s call f**kin your way up the ladder, and i’m not mad at that. you gotta do what you gotta do. you are the person that has to live with it, so nothing anyone else says matters. she’s just playing her part to get paid, and she changes to suit the situation. the situation she’s in now is different so we see a different nicki. no doubt though, that’s definitely one version of her on that vid.

  • tiny

    shuttupppppp ; yaw downtt know !

  • neveh11

    wtf that is not nicki minaj u can tell she aint got no dimples and thats a ffake nicki miaj impressin so wat the hell if ya believe that sht then ya dumb its not her

  • ThatBKChick

    For one, this dude saids she’s repping BX, not Queens…Nicki is from Queens. Secondly, this is some ol crap that came out before Remy went to jail….Remy eating box and vice or versa…this is ol’ is somebody is stirring up for site hits, etc…..SMDH!

  • lollipoplollipopohlollilollipop

    she’s not trynna sound like nicki..this vid is like 2-3 yrs old..@ least thats when i first saw its way b4 nicki was nicki

  • heavenup7

    it’s in the voice and the eyes

  • Sierra Raevon

    Nahh I lovw Nicki Minaj… So with all due respect, that is most def her… But really I dnt caare I’ma like her anyways!!!

  • Katrina Grier

    this is too funny

  • Gereese

    NICKI MINAJ U ARE MY idol u rock and more but i wood love to meat u i want to be just like u i have your pic in my room i have your cd i can sing all of your song u are my idol my name is gereese i live in M.D it is by D.C i love u nicki minaj a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………………..

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