Lovebirds: Rick Ross & Foxy Brown

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Ricky Ross and Fox Boogie are in love:

“They are in fact a couple. Rick Ross swept her off of her feet and this is gonna [be] the next Big Hip-Hop couple. They both are in love.”

Foxy Brown has grown close to Rick Ross’ family, his kids and his mother.In addition to their new romance, both Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are working on new music.

Come on, Foxy, we hope this is “true love” and not some fu*kin for publicity stunt.


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  • Sheen-Bean

    1st….foxy, come on!

  • bay girl


  • Understanding

    Rick Ross and Fox Boogie: – O !!! That was lef thook outta nowhere. Damn man … life gets stranger everyday.

  • the real dre


  • Marquis de Sade

    I think this is one of the few occasions when most can say: “DAMN RICK! YOU CAN’T DO BETTER THAN THIS?” That walking petrie dish probably has more germs than that monkey in Outbreak.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    She’s been outta jail about 1 good month and says their in “love”… I don’t think so. That’s called “hooking up” … not Love. Let’s see where they stand in about 6 months to a year. We’ll see if it’s love then.

  • amazonia


  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    i respect foxy!!!.. she knows how to deal.. i mean seriously she needs to come back with some hard music… since shes been MIA for so long… n what better way to do it than associating with one of the most commercial names now?… shes a smart chick!!

  • LADY B

    duh publicity stunt… who would really really want to be with his big little dick ass and might i add ugly… then again who would want to be with her broke washed up ass…who knows they might just be happy together more power to them

  • Ms. Doagae

    Everyone else is falling in love real quick these days….I think I’m gonna find me somebody to fall in love with and marry by the end of the summer…

  • Don Boogie


  • Amber

    LMAO @ Ms. Doagae

  • VicKaLiCioUs

    Is that her hair? I know she got a charge for throwing glue at someone, but it looks so natural.

  • Go Fresh!


  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    What’s love got to do with it??? It’s sexual healing… she probley horney as a mf and he’s the first piece of meat to look her way- that can do something for her and not take, take, take like all of these suckas try to do these days.

    Stay sucka free ladies!!!


    intresting…lol…. if thats what she wants…. rick ross is a crazy rapper but lover….hmm i don’t know

  • VicKaLiCioUs

    At least she still has her birth face intact.

  • I'm Just Me

    PUBLICITY STUNT!!! Was he writing her on Riker’s? Visiting her on the Island? If not how can they be in love after 1 month? Be real…and they dropped the fact they both have new music out.

    Now they will be married in 6 weeks as well following in the steps of Nick and Mariah.

  • catalina


  • Perfect10

    Awww Im so happy 4u Inga aka Foxy. Go head get your grown women on

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    the next Big Hip-Hop couple


  • always knew

    i wish them luck It’s truly amazing to see how much black on black hate their is. I am happy for them and I hope it works out. Obama and Michelle’s relationship is a good example, that we can be together, and the BLACK LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!!!!

  • Salty

    Damn…talking about f*cking for tracks…Foxy u went a little tooo far….damn talking about PUSHING IT TO THE LIMIT…..whoa

  • Jessica

    Congratulations to them, I hope it is the best kind of love and that it last longer than their careers!!!



  • Negrita Tan Rica


    No, that’s not all her real hair, although her real hair is the same texture and shoulder length. There was a pic of her on a fansite with her real hair out and it is not nearly that long. But yes, it looks very real.

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