Another Day, Another Arrest

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Warren G was arrested for riding dirty:

Warren Griffin III and a man named Ryan Butler were pulled over for running a red light around 2 AM PT Sunday morning in Hollywood. Butler was driving. When cops searched the car, they found enough marijuana to arrest both men for possession of narcotics with intent to sell. Warren and Butler posted $20,000 bail each and were released at around 9 AM this morning. Calls to Warren’s reps have yet to be returned.

Damn, if you’re gonna roll around with a boatload of kush in the car, don’t run red lights. These cats will never learn.


Update: Warren G tries to clarify thangs:

“’I was a passenger, I wasn’t driving,” Warren G. [said] “And we didn’t run a red light. We just happened to be in a long line of traffic on Hollywood Boulevard and got caught in the intersection. The whole thing was bogus. From what I’m hearing, what they said at the police station, it wasn’t even an ounce [of marijuana that he and Butler were in possession of]. They basically was just f**king with me because I’m Warren G. and they just wanted to get the publicity for arresting me.’”

Update Source

Yet Another Update…. According to TMZ, the L.A. County DA has thrown out all drug charges against Warren G and Ryan Butler.

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  • seely

    first, baatches!!!!

  • I'm Just Me


    Daxn Warren…talk about a blast from the past.

  • HarlemWorld4eva

    Pass that *cough* *choke*



  • I'm Just Me

    Warren looks cock-eyed in this pic BTW

  • lil latte


  • I'm Just Me

    @ MILiens


  • Vinandi

    it was a clear black night…..

  • glok9n

    Look at this Nukkaz hat ……Damn!!!

  • lil latte

    What the heck is wrapped up in foil on that table behind him???

  • WrongY'all

    If you are over the age of 30 still trying to sell/move/hustle DRUGS..then you are a N***ER in every sense of the word. Ignorance of the highest degree.

    Warren G could not get some type of legal work in the entertainment business? Dr Dre as his Stepbrother can not put him on?

    IGNORANCE- the drug laws in the USA are designed to punish BLACK Men for LIFE and yet and still N***ERS still thinking they can get away with it.

  • biracial bombshell

    Yeah, that was pretty effin dumb

  • NY2CaliLvn

    dumb ass move, but atleast it happened in Cali if he get him a hippi lawyer & a judge that got a script of his own have Montell Williams speak on his behalf LOL neva mind maybe someone in the property room could enjoy that Cali wood SMH

  • Napoleon Dynamite

    Friggin’ idiot!

  • Marshabio

    Whatever he get’s he deserves. He should know better. By the way, funny hat.

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    everybody knows you ignore the traffic laws AFTER 3AM!..sheesh

  • Madame Enigma

    Of course he knows better, his judgement was off.Nothin more, nothing less…

  • Kim

    Lost weight noW he decides to act a damn fool! SMH

  • Elo

    He needs to tip his hat to the other side to cover up that lazy eye…..I used to think he was SO cute too….yeeaaahhhh

  • Always Classy

    “They wanted to get the Publicity for arresting me.”

    SMH @ that comment he is basically a has been. Feeling himself way to much.

  • Bird

    Sorry Warren, but blocking the intersection is a violation of traffic laws too. If you’re riding dirty don’t enter the intersection unless you have enough room to clear it. Tell your boy, who I know is gonna take the charge, to come up with a better excuse before he gets in front of the judge.

    I always ask this question, but no one ever answers. Still I’m gonna ask again. Why do rappers wind up getting their car searched during routine traffic stops? I have gotten more than a few tickets in my day and my car has never been stopped.

  • Bird

    I meant to say my car has never been searched.





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  • iheartchicken

    Seriously Warren?!

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