Whitney Houston Covers InStyle Magazine

- By Bossip Staff

Whitney Houston is covering the 2010 cover of InStyle Magazine and the woman looks better than grits with croquettes on a Sunday morning.

Pop the top and peep the cover

Whitney Houston has officially come all-the-way-back.

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  • ninal

    She looks very pretty im so proud of her

  • http://blackstar69.com BlackStar69

    Whitney is definitely back, hope she can keep it up. You Go Girl!

  • http://joiia.blogspot.com Juicy J

    Wow! She looks like she can sing too!

  • tb

    Wow, what happened to her crack-belly? Boy, photoshop is a hell of a thing.

  • Jane Doe

    Go Whitney!!! 🙂

  • pynk♥{sugar}

    I LOVE WHITNEY!!! I am SO happy that she kicked the habit & is back!!! She looks FLAWLESS here! ^_^

  • Sergio / Straight from Angola

    I dont care

  • Melissa

    whitney looks amazing!! Go gurl!!

  • http://Bossip Tee

    Thats my Dog!!!!Beautiful, like she neva left!!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    While her voice is no longer worthy of a record deal I’m so happy she has improved her wig game.

  • Nique

    She looks great but umm where are the rest of her arms??

  • Bossip sucks


  • say-it-loud!

    lmao@she looks better than grits with croquettes on a Sunday morning.

    you all are some darn fools. I loves me some Nippy

  • chaka1

    Go head, Whitney!

  • kathy

    Whitney looks good, hate the dress. I’m glad she came back and I welcome her with open arms. For all of you haters out there, You are mad and jealous because it’s not you…….

  • jill

    love her and so proud. Keep your head up Whit,u’re doing great- no tabloid stories for nearly 3 yrs now.

    I love that whereever she goes, she has her family and her daugther Krissi with her- good job and the inside pics look even better. She’s werking some Leboutin bootS!

    She still has a way to go but her voice is improving- check her European performances.

  • Callmemisses


  • Callmemisses


  • jandsmama

    Not loving the Annie wig, janky pose, nor dress but I LOVES me some Whitney! Get your shine on girl.

  • Bigsweetpotatoe

    I know you guys were trying to complement wih the euphemism, but that breakfast does not sound good to me and would make me gag! However, Nippy looks great, and I am glad she’s back!

  • Jane Doe


    Very well said… after all shes been through im telling you its a miracle shes still alive..

  • Nique


    LOL & SMH! Calm your a$$ down..ppl are ALWAYS going to have their opinion no matter what! I hate to break it to you but rich ppl past judgment too-even on ppl they dont know. So miss us with the ghetto reasoning…

  • Anna

    I love Whit but don’t like that pic. She looks like Serena Williams.

  • rudeashell.com

    She looks so remarkable!!! Now she looks so young, if you glance at it you may think its Rihanna!!! Go Whitney! The true diva!!!

  • Nique

    @Jane Doe

    I am happy that she was able to get herself the help she needed and that she is doing great-but c’mon ppl-Whitney did that sh!!t to herself…Why are we praising her like someone else put her in that situation??

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