The Softer Side of Serena

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here are the inside shots of Serena Williams in the recent issue of Ebony. These are some of the best pics we’ve seen of Serena and her muscle booty. She looks beautiful.

Shout out to ICETDOTCOM

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  • That Girl Linda

    She looks good

  • swoosh

    sute pics

  • Lady Architect

    She looks great. These are the best pics I’ve seen also. Wonderful makeup, hair, and they picked poses that show how great and toned her body is. Go Serena!

  • swoosh

    oops cute pics

  • me

    Top 5

  • intenzemocha

    she looks fabulous-very feminine……she looks great!

  • WrongY'all

    Looks Pretty and fallback with the muscle booty comments.

    All of the plastic, fake asses y’all love to praise but a real African Booty gotta be a muscle?

  • Kompton's Kutie

    She looks great.

  • glok9n

    Very enchanting Ms.Serena you look very grown up and less manish.I love it keep shocking the the world babygurl!!!



  • Ange

    She looks great, love the pics…

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty


  • mimi

    god bless photoshop

  • free

    they airbrushed some of her features, especially that shelf of hers but i LOVE these pics. the choice of colors and styles really complement her.

  • lynwood

    Serena is my girl. She’s a natural beuty, and I don’t like how all her curves were airbrushed out of those pictures. I know magazines do some cleaning up of pictures, but damn, why did they have to remove so much of her ass and thighs? And in Ebony of all places?! Serena always looks beatiuful. Why isn’t her natural beauty enough to be shown?


    Serena you look BEAUTIFUL.

  • Lisa

    No homo but she looks damn good in that second pic with that two piece bathing suit. Go Serena! & her body is banging too.

  • kiko

    She looks great! Young, black, rich, and talented!

  • Z

    wow. she lives dangerously. you couldn’t get my freshly done hair in that pool.

  • beautiful b

    she looks good…and….feminine (??)

    they must airbrushed those-choke-a-nucca arms down a little bit. sister is looking fly in this spread.

  • k.k

    godamn look at those mean da face looks feminine..but the body is homo!..lolz

  • knocked up had a beautiful baby boy

    She’s looks great! Go Serena!


    serena is tha bomb she was going top let me toss her salad until her chump father barged in.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Hmmm. After a few swigs of Jack Daniels + that weave and airbrushing to soften her features, i can see myself hittn’ dat doggystyle.

  • mschocolate202


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