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“I’m not gonna be bullied, period!”

Karlie Redd/Sierra

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Karlie Redd’s revealing the truth about a friendship that’s taken a sour turn.

The reality star was a guest on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap and she told Deputy Editor Dani Canada and she openly discussed her friendship with Sierra that went left when Sierra got physical with her.

After Karlie missed her court date, a fed-up Sierra put her hands on Karlie and several other people jumped in including Sierra’s assistant.


According to Karlie while we’ll have to see how things ultimately pan out on #LHHATL, she’s still rightfully pissed about what went down. In particular, Karlie’s hurt that her friend Sierra didn’t tell the other girls not to jump her.

“I feel like that was serious disrespect,” Karlie told BOSSIP. Girls can argue all day long, girls are catty and we argue but do you actually put your hands on someone? On top of putting your hands on someone do you have your friends jump her and then don’t say anything while she’s getting jumped?!”

“I fought all those girls by myself, took off Sierra’s wig, fought the other girl by myself, fought all those girls by myself,” she added. “I don’t condone violence but you [Sierra] didn’t say anything. That should’ve been me and your, your beef. Us. She didn’t say anything to those girls jumping in, she just stood there.”

She also told BOSSIP that both Sierra and friends sent her threatening text messages BEFORE and AFTER the fight went down.

“I don’t know if I could trust or be in the same vicinity as someone like that because you don’t know what they’re capable of,” said Karlie. “What you guys didn’t know is, her and her assistant, they continued to send me texts, DMS, threatening me. They were sending me this before so it was a setup. They were sending me threatening texts before and after.”

Still, it looks like Sierra’s continuing to extend an olive branch, she hopped in BOSSIP’s comments section to tell Karlie she was sorry. She also previously apologized on #LHHATL—but Karlie wasn’t exactly receptive.


Karlie also told BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap that during the quarantine she’s focused on several new businesses including her book publishing company, real estate business, and her Doc Johnson sex toy line that’s currently booming while people safely social distance alone.

“Shout out to all the girls who are masturbating at home and not risking it all for some d***,” said Karlie. “I’m glad that the ladies are staying home and masturbating.”



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