Still Suspect: Raz B’s New Video And Jawn “Thinking About You”

- By Bossip Staff

When we last saw Raz B, he was saying that he was hungry and trying to feed his kids. We thought we would give the little touched brother some shine, so here’s his latest video “Thinking About You.”

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  • t

    can someone help me explain why its a joke when someone has been sexually molested or why its ok to make jokes about that sort of thing…i just dont get it..i mean i dont like this kid as far as his music and yes he’s a cornball but does that make it ok to joke him about being molested (if its true)…we as adults need to set an example. if children see us joking about what r they going to do??

  • kandykane

    Why don’t he just give up and get a 9-5.

  • t

    **can someone explain to me why**

  • zmama37

    Not bad but he sounds like Omarion and he’s dancing like Marques Houston.

  • DMO

    DA H-E-L-L…


  • Brandy

    I agree I think he did a good job and I too do not understand why society take molestation and domestic violence so lightly.

  • imani criticizing

    well ummm the song is ok not badd its kinda gud but the vid stinks like shit, luk how ghetto and bouleg the vid i mean who directed this ish???

  • nickey

    i loved it .. what is wrong with it .. it sounds like that first day of spring joint .. go raz b .. i will continue to support him and love him .. whatever problems he’s facing are due 100% to him being molested so i hope god can help him work that out .. .. at least no one is coughing or jumping on walls in this one . 🙂

  • Gmen

    gay shyt is wack

  • candi

    its actually not bad

  • muchluv

    GO RAZ B, do your thang!! Everybody knows that boy was molested and had to take his words back to save is life. It is a very transparent situation…there are no “ifs” about it.

    Bless your heart and stay strong. I can only admire you for your strength. In the eye of all this contraversy, YOU PERSEVERE…YOU KEEP MAKING MUSIC…YOU KEEP GOING. GOD BLESS YOU RAZ B!!!

  • WhatAWorld

    Maybe he should become a choreographer,because the song was terrible and he never really was an awesome singer.Do something you know which is dancing!

  • justme

    I like it – would actually buy it.

  • Ohio_888

    Vid looks a lil cheap but I like the song

  • phat

    I thought it was good. He explained already that he is not rich so he probably got someone to direct it that believed in his vision with him. Quit hatin’ haters. God bless you Raz. U R cool with me.

  • Masie_UK


  • Bre Johnson

    I thought the song was good…Good luck with everything!!

  • Miss All That!!

    I bet Raz B can work it out behind closed doors.. He may have a majorly huge hairy p.e.n.i.s…. I just hope he does not like peanut butter on it!!

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  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    We thought we would give the little touched brother some shine

    hes a good dancer tho

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