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The handsome and debonnaire Blair Underwood attended an Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation event this weekend with wife Desiree DaCosta and kids. Check the thumbs to get a glimpse of Garcelle Beavais-Nilon, along with her husband and twin boys and Tichina Arnold and daughter Alijah Kai, also spotted at the event this weekend.

Check out mucho mas pics of Tichina and her baby girl, Gabrielle Union & Condoleeza Rice at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event and Mel B in London right about now.

Images via WENN/Wireimage

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  • Aunt Viv

    Gorgeous family.

  • Lovely One

    Blair has a beautiful family 🙂

  • Aunt Viv

    Oh snap-First!!

  • mr mr


  • soulwoman

    Mel B needs to change her style. I’m sick of seeing her with the same look.

    Both families look comfy and cute.

  • soulwriter

    The oldest boy is HIS MINI-ME for real!!! Black love is SO beautiful, esp. when multiplied, awww…

  • ethang

    Could Garcelle have found a more unattractive guy?

  • Lauren

    Garcelle’s twinz are the cutest!!!

  • Madame Enigma

    Well, at least the twins are finally gettin some color…

  • Lauren

    Okay please leave Garcelle’s husband alone….she loves him thats all that matters….plus they have beautiful children.

  • Lauren

    Blair shoulda been in Sex in the City the movie….Miranda shoulda married him….I woulda liked that version better…

  • Narkotic5 Anonymou5

    My baby G beavauis still doesn’t look 40, damn

  • samira

    Blair has a beautiful family!

    Garcelle’s twins are cuties!

  • Lauren

    Spanish??? I don’t see Spanish??LOL

  • as seen on t.v.

    beautiful families….

  • Crackalicious

    I’m jelous of Garcelle Beavais-Nilon, she looks to good for any woman her age, heck she looks better than most woman at any age, it’s not fair to the rest of us!

    Anyways, her lil twins are getting cuter everyday, and both parents are smiling from ear to ear, beautiful!



  • Sunshine

    Race For The Cure!!!! I was there this weekend!!!


    OH…Mel take them hot ass boots off….

  • lisalisa

    I didn’t know he was married to a black woman. I thought for sure he was with a white woman.

  • WrongY'all

    Good to see Black families and before you all make a smart comment no matter how much or how little color the twins getm they are going to be considered B L A C K.

    Real Talk

  • Madame Enigma

    calm down @ wrong y’all

    Who the fukk said anything about what race they would be considered?Now you’re reachin…

    duh, hoe.

  • I'm Just Me

    Wonderful looking families (Blair and Garcelle). I am glad Condi and Gabby both supported a good cause and Mel B looks banging.

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    both Blair & Garcelle’s families look beautiful..the children are adorable..

    [Garcelle’s hubby looks like he eats butter chunks]

    Condoleeza goes out w/o President Bush? oh my!

    i loathe when women wear winter boots in the heat..Mel B’s dress looks nice..please take off those hot ass leather winter boots

  • Jiggles

    Garcelle’s husband is quite possibly one of the ugliest white people ever…

    and LMAO at who ever said butter chunks

    Blair’s Family is GORGEOUS

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