E-V-E Spotted Shopping and Swirling with a Tatted Up Beau

- By Bossip Staff

Eve was seen in Hollyweird doing some holiday shopping with a special man friend.

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  • http://blackstar69.com BlackStar69

    I didn’t know that EVE was in to White guys. Wow! Tiger, do you see what you have done now. Our famous black sistas are going away.

  • pynk♥{sugar}

    That’s probably her bodyguard… He’s cute anyway… lol

  • lady

    what? EVEs been getting white men

  • Lee lee

    Not news First….

  • Conte

    What cares about Eve?

  • KeepNit2Real

    Eve tryna be a Naomi Campbell….*smh*

  • butta pecan chocolate deluxe

    he cute…but im just wondering why he’s wearing sandals..seems kinda chilly?!

  • http://Bestest bestest

    he is cute!!!

  • pitbullinaskirt

    @ butta pecan… we’re thinking alike.

  • Fluorescent Carmel Biege

    Am I the only one who does not see a white guy. Are you all just looking at skin color. How about his features. He looks black ( at least half ) all day to me

  • Fluorescent Carmel Biege

    maybe because I see black people who look like him in my neck of the woods

  • http://YourEmergencyCash.com Jessan


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  • LaLa

    He can very much be Black, it’s not like you can really tell by these photos. And who cares if he’s White… NEXT!

  • Angee (Really Looking Forward to January 1st, 2010)!!

    I don’t get the scarf, the hat and the flip-flops 🙄

  • Bill Bigsby

    eve turned hollywood. what ever happened to the pitbull in a skirt. she sold out, her career is done

  • http:chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco

    Do you EVE and keep at it!

  • Bill Bigsby

    it must be winter from his neck up. wool hat, scarf and under that a tshirt with sandals. lmao Hollyweird for ya

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  • Butterscotch™


    “That’s probably her bodyguard… He’s cute anyway… lol”

    I agree. He’s definitely a hottie.

  • Carmen

    GO EVE! HE IS CUTE! That is her man, she does not need a body guard she is a pit-bull in a skirt.

  • B3 Fearless

    If y’all really look at the pictures it seems like it’s just a stranger who happened to walk past at the right time to make it look like they’re together because the other pics shows them a part and it doesn’t look like Eve even noticed him. In the one pic they are together she’s actually behind him and seems to be looking past him further to the left. I’m just sayin sometimes a pic is just a pic. He is cute tho.

  • Nique

    Damn ol boy looking good enough to…well do whatever!!! GO EVE!

    ..And he has nice feet?! Thats what Im talking about!

  • Rena


  • seriously?

    he’s pretty cute! does anyone know what it is eve does anymore?

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