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Finally! A letter from a male reader! Bossip fam, what do you think this man should do?

What up Bossip. I am probably the first man to write in to your site but I can’t really talk to my boys about the subject at hand. I have a history of sleeping with women that one of my boys (from the second grade) had eyes for. I know it’s not right and I’ve gone out of my way to correct my behavior because I value our friendship. Boys before breezys. He’s got this chick he’s been with for a while now( he’s talking marriage) and lately she’s been making passes at me. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we were in my kitchen and she got too close and rubbed her booty on me. I know she did it on purpose and I don’t know if it was because she had been drinking, but even when she’s sober, she be giving me that “look” and talking slick on the low. I want to tell my boy that she’s scandalous but I have such a crazy past as it relates to women with him. My question is, do I say something to her? Do I say something to him? Or do I let it ride?

That’s tricky. Your friend has trust issues with you and his women so telling him may not be the best way to go. If you do tell him, he may not believe you or think that this is an attempt for you to express a hidden attraction towards his lady. This could further his distrust with you and his women interests. You could tell him, but know that it could cost you your friendship. In his eyes, here you go snatching up the girl he’s really digging … again! Even though, this time, you’re really trying to warn him of his girlfriend’s indiscretions. If you do decide to tell him evidence, in some capacity, would be helpful because it can’t be denied.

You could say something to her if she tries to push up on you or talk reckless again. Let her know that if it continues, you’re going to tell him what she’s been doing. But if you do this, you run the risk of her playing the victim to your friend and, once again, you’re trying to get at his girl!

The best thing to do is keep your distance. Hang with your boy without the girl. Go out of your way to stay away from her until the relationship runs its course or until she understands that you’re avoiding her. Your friend will see the light eventually but you don’t have to be the one to shine it!

What do you think Bossip fam? Should he say something or remain silent?

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